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gear Folder DIY mobile arc-welding set-ups? 1 Joel Russ 1 hour ago
Eddie Conna Latest Reply
homestead Folder !!! Top Tips for Buying Raw Land and Building a Homestead??? 4 Beau Brotherton 1 hour ago
Eddie Conna Latest Reply
homestead Folder Working with floodplain commission?? 1 E Cochran 1 hour ago
Eddie Conna Latest Reply
cooking Folder Saffron 6 Casie Becker 1 hour ago
Victor Johanson Latest Reply
rocket stoves Hot Folder Help required with mini rocket stove
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40 scott dimelow 2 hours ago
thornwood farm Latest Reply
rocket mass heaters Folder Rocket mass heater with 8" J-tube and bell 10 Glenn Herbert 2 hours ago
Glenn Herbert Latest Reply
forest garden Hot Folder How to prepare sandy land for the establishment of a food forest 27 Aaron Hartwig 3 hours ago
Thekla McDaniels Latest Reply
cooking Folder Off Grid LP Stove 1 Alicia Winkler 3 hours ago
Su Ba Latest Reply
art, music and aesthetics Hot Folder Share your Art - post here
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101 Cindy Ruprecht 4 hours ago
Hans Quistorff Latest Reply
composting toilet Hot Folder !! Sawdust toilet issues 23 Josh Hatton 4 hours ago
Al Freeman Latest Reply
earthworks Folder Swales for extreme desert (death valley) 16 Rad Ruelan 4 hours ago
Ben Zukisian Latest Reply
frugality Hot Folder Spending more to save money
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68 R Ranson 5 hours ago
Nicole Alderman Latest Reply
earthship Folder barrel walls - whaddaya think? 2 Abe Coley 5 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni Latest Reply
toxin-ectomy Folder H. Pylori Treatment 0 Amit Enventres 5 hours ago
Amit Enventres Latest Reply
passive solar Folder Trombe / mass wall collector free standing 4 charles carroll 5 hours ago
Alex Kosmicki Latest Reply
buy it for life Folder Darn Tough Socks, Extra Large $10/pair! 1 Nicole Alderman 5 hours ago
Nicole Alderman Latest Reply
food preservation Hot Folder Dry Salt Cures for Meat 22 Feral Hatfield 5 hours ago
Jeremy Franklin Latest Reply
earthship Folder Straw bale Earthship hybrid....? 2 Greg Canicio 5 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni Latest Reply
pigs Folder Vegetarian Family Getting Pigs to Prep Garden Space 5 Lauren craig 7 hours ago
Lauren craig Latest Reply
tinkering with this site Folder 3 acres with home for sale in a no-building code county in Idaho. 0 Denice Moffat 7 hours ago
Denice Moffat Latest Reply
fungi Folder What mushrooms are best to grow for decomposing doggie poo? (odd question within) 3 Agnese Murrian 7 hours ago
Ben Zukisian Latest Reply
ponds Folder How To Calculate What Size Pond To Build 7 Jim Bran 8 hours ago
Gilbert Fritz Latest Reply
pigs Folder Clearing Cattails with Pigs for Willow Biomass Coppice System 1 Josey Schanen 8 hours ago
Josey Schanen Latest Reply
forest garden Folder Breeding Araucaria trees for increased production/growth rate. 2 Sam Williams 8 hours ago
Henry Jabel Latest Reply
solar Folder Grid Tied Solar System during a Power Outage 11 Matt Stern 8 hours ago
Teresa Duran Latest Reply
woodworking Folder Toy plane 0 Jackson Vasey 9 hours ago
Jackson Vasey Latest Reply
tiny house Folder Abandoned bus free-cycled into tiny home! 8 Ziggy Ziegler 9 hours ago
Greg Canicio Latest Reply
goats, sheep and llamas Folder Reindeer 3 David Livingston 9 hours ago
David Livingston Latest Reply
hugelkultur Folder images on the site 0 Kevin Hoover 9 hours ago
Kevin Hoover Latest Reply
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Folder Looking for Solanum habrochaites seeds - Melbourne Australia 3 Karl Trepka 10 hours ago
Ray South Latest Reply
tinkering with this site Resolved by one moderator Security Certificate Flagging by Firefox 7 Simon Johnson 10 hours ago
Simon Johnson Latest Reply
rocket mass heaters Hot Folder Batch rocket resource
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44 Peter van den Berg 10 hours ago
Jura Rafal Latest Reply
homestead Folder Looking for Homesteaders with Websites, Blogs, etc... 12 Billy Sawyer 10 hours ago
Angelika Maier Latest Reply
permaculture Folder Commercial Permaculture Research 3 aaron sandvig 11 hours ago
Tyler Ludens Latest Reply
forest garden Hot Folder advice for front yard edible landscape 26 Davis Tyler 11 hours ago
Davis Tyler Latest Reply
residual income streams Folder stuff that has a 40% or higher affiliate fee 0 paul wheaton 12 hours ago
paul wheaton Latest Reply
earth bag Folder flood and earthquake rating sources 0 E Cochran 12 hours ago
E Cochran Latest Reply
chickens Folder deep litter method not working in my chicken coop -- odor too strong 10 Ann Maud 12 hours ago
J W Richardson Latest Reply
plants Hot Folder Sepp Holzer's perennial grain
[ latest reply 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
150 paul wheaton 12 hours ago
Maurice van der Molen Latest Reply
blatant advertising Folder THE ECOQUEST SHOP 1 Olof J├Ânnerstig 13 hours ago
Rus Williams Latest Reply
fungi Folder Starting to grow mushrooms 3 Angelika Maier 14 hours ago
Ken W Wilson Latest Reply
homestead Folder Vinegar making smells like cheese 6 Jambo Reece 14 hours ago
Henry Jabel Latest Reply
tinkering with this site Wiki How works - links to useful threads W Burra Maluca 14 hours ago
Burra Maluca Latest Reply
cooking Folder Celebrating cooking under pressure 17 R Ranson 14 hours ago
R Ranson Latest Reply
gear Folder Permaculture Xmas list 1 Fredy Perlman 14 hours ago
John Weiland Latest Reply
grains and pseudograins Folder Seeds available for Sepp Holzer's rye 3 Jason Padvorac 14 hours ago
Simone Gar Latest Reply
hunting and fishing Folder Hunting and Fishing For Food, Legal Restrictions? 10 Jon Wisnoski 15 hours ago
Jon Wisnoski Latest Reply
permaculture real estate Folder Homesteading property available 15 minutes from downtown Columbus, OH FSBO 0 Bobby Hotrock 15 hours ago
Bobby Hotrock Latest Reply
natural building Folder Lath and plaster system 4 Ionel Catanescu 15 hours ago
Arlie Grunseth Latest Reply
passive solar Folder best tromb wall color 6 shilo kinarty 15 hours ago
shilo kinarty Latest Reply
homeschooling Folder The Permaculture Student ONLINE for Homeschoolers, Families & Adult Learners 6 Matt Powers 16 hours ago
Drucilla Pettibone Latest Reply
chickens Folder Chickens: what is your lacto-fermented feed setup? Protein availability variability... 6 Carma Nykanen 16 hours ago
J W Richardson Latest Reply
decision making Folder Advice / encouraging asked for my 'future plans' 0 Inge Leonora-den Ouden 16 hours ago
Inge Leonora-den Ouden Latest Reply
paul wheaton's permaculture podcasts Folder paul's religious podcast 3 paul wheaton 16 hours ago
Richard Kutscher Latest Reply
mulch Hot Folder Horrors of sheet mulching
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218 Travis Schultz 17 hours ago
Travis Schultz Latest Reply
greenhouses Folder Greenhouse plastic 2 Brandon McGinnity 17 hours ago
Sean Dembrosky Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Folder I know why.... 1 Mariamne Ingalls 18 hours ago
Eric Thomas Latest Reply
survival Hot Folder !!! When do you sleep and how much? 24 Destiny Hagest 18 hours ago
Destiny Hagest Latest Reply
earthworks Folder Please help me find resources to understand swales? 12 Alicia Winkler 18 hours ago
Michelle Bisson Latest Reply
permaculture singles Folder 27 yo Widowed Momma of Four in Missouri 19 R Fracassa 18 hours ago
Richard Stromberg Latest Reply