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[Post] 8" rocket mass heater 3d mock-up and questions rocket-stoves
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[Post] Burning Bamboo in a Rocket Heater? Ernie says>rocket-stoves>wood stoves! cold hearty!! here?
[Post] Burning Pellets in a Rocket Mass Heater Ernie and Erica talk on heat risers clay slip in part 1 of ___?
[Post] capture heat from pellet stove flue?
[Post] Cattails rule! + basket weaving plants
[Post] Ceramic PreMade Stove Cores EURO ROUND FLUE TILES
[Post] Charcoal Gasification Clean fuel for off site use /auto/diesel fuels
[Post] chinampa permaculture Floating islands/ Amerindian Aquaponics mexico !
[Post] Cob Durability - Case Study in cool, damp winters. Victoria B.C. A cautionary cob tale with support from donkey !
[Post] Commercial RMH COMMERCIAL RMH 4 PIECE CORE Rocket-Stoves
[Post] Concrete Rocket Mass Heater rocket-stoves
[Post] cooling with a vortex tube energyPaulWheatonNatural Freezers
[Post] Couple of quick Noob questions on design... RMHs/ In ground Forge/ Ring projection/ no link !
[Post] Crazy idea for a charcoal kiln ### BIOCHAr# energy# 55galBurnsOwnWoodgas+ Others ###
[Post] Dale’s Stoneware Store – Clay Items For RMH - Masonry Stoves - Cob Builders Dale and ERICA TOO !
[Post] deer repellent sprays - anybody every use them? SEPP HOLTZER's BONE SOUP 4th? ONE DOWN ?
[Post] DIY batteries energy
[Post] do you know Foam Glas? wofati-earth-berm europe clay soil pipe 2
[Post] Dry Stone Pebble Wall. Stone Siding for Wooden Buildings - Requires no mortar or masonry skills. green-building Needs discussion of heat NRG thru AIR, stone, Sand !
[Post] electricity paul wheaton farm ELECT SAWMILLtooBIGforPORTABLEgenerator
[Post] Erica Wisners Rocket Canning / Frying Stove needs link to R.P.C.stoves, Erica and sketch
[Post] Exhaust gas temperatures etc. for masonry heaters and other heaters RUSSIAN MASONRY BUILD COMING SOONwood-burning-stoves
[Post] Free gypsum for hydronic heating green-building
[Post] 'free' heating and cooling using PAHS passive solar
[Post] Heat riser, duct/flue questions rocket-stovesEriKa last word on in ground pipe
[Post] Hot water from Rocket Stove no bang squish australia!
[Post] How necessary is winter scarification? And when to plant trees/shrubs? trees
[Post] How to post on permies EXPLANES REPLY AND QUOTE BUTTONS
[Post] ***Ingenious scrap metal firewood splitter (video) ************** WOODLAND needs to vein Rocket stove forum
[Post] INSTANT PERMACULTURE Multi Species Grazing saves the world. Finally an MSG that is good for you! goats @# yes we can save the world with livestock ! @
[Post] Intro to Permaculture Oswego State Permacultur instructor/presenter 2010 sust live project ! eastern usa
[Post] Is there a way to use clay soil as building material? green-building gypsum-adobe or alker( Clay gypsum lime !
[Post] Japanese Knotweed organicLINK2pantryparatus+SUPERwireREPAIR
[Post] Jesse's Modular RMH Experiment Pics of Dbl Donut/ Heat Riser/ transitional Area inside/outside
[Post] led lighting energy
[Post] live your life off wood gas ? heat / cook /light / electric / machinery?store gas in compresion g li stoves- worth following
[Post] Looking for ideas for a Central Rocket Heater to provide hydronic heat & domestic water. wood-burning-stoves / I gave him the know-it-all Exigesis
[Post] My 1st RMH build! Big house well heated !
[Post] My first RMH out of 4" sewage pipe stoves europe clay soil pipe + foamglas
[Post] off grid appliances FREEZER AS REFRIGERATOR 5 DOWN
[Post] Ollas self watering in the garden organic
[Post] Order of Operations: finishing floor around rocket mass heater +Jasmine reports 2 benches on 2 levels rocket-stoves#####
[Post] Order of Operations: finishing floor around rocket mass heater +Jasmine reports 2 benches on 2 levels rocket-stoves#####
[Post] Paint on 55 Gallon Drum burning the paint off of the 55 gal drum and some stove pipe !
[Post] Podcast 104 - Rocket Mass Heaters with Ernie and Erica List of all the ROCKET podcasts
[Post] Poor draw in an under the floor system. Ernie and donkey and manifold exit sizes
[Post] RMH: Heat decreaser next to heat riser example NO-COB BRICK HEAT RISER SAID TO WORKwood-burning-stoves
[Post] RMH heaters precast components bentonite=kitty liter D.I.Y.bricks/stoveparts
[Post] Rocket Mass Cooling concept Run cool night time air thru to provide cooling thru the day + links
[Post] rocket mass floor heater -- finally completed and it works! rocket stove in a yurt !
[Post] rocket mass heater - air from outside? erica rant
[Post] rocket mass heater: duct burns? E & E W justify burning galvanizing from off of stove pipe
[Post] rocket mass heater - exaust can be simpler than chimney 8'' system, reduced to 7'' in the middle + Erica W.on Vert chmny x 4
[Post] rocket mass heater forced air Erica W. rocket-stoves/BASEMENTS
[Post] Rocket Stove Gasifier good group talk rocket-stoves/ Gasifiers
[Post] rocket stove in my greenhouse rocket-stoves
[Post] Rocket stoves in Nepal rocket-stoves save lives
[Post] rocket stoves: J-tube vs. L-tube stoves ERICA LONG RATE ALASKA BUILD
[Post] sauna rocket stove progress E&E,oilingStoves/saunasSpacingBricklaying
[Post] sedore stove stoves
[Post] soil and health library - including free ebook of yeomans 1954 keyline plan - wicked book resource web sites
[Post] Solar thermal storage with sand solar From Science Dailey use wax and sand
[Post] the 4 directions and rocket stoves erica,rocket stoves-function/location
[Post] the gay marriage solution md
[Post] titanium dioxide as nitrogen fixer rainwater
[Post] Urban Food Forest Crowdfunding Request from Syracuse, NY permaculture 200s. geddes 308 1372
[Post] Urban Rocket Stoves: Burning Plastic in Jakarta DIRECTED TO GASIFICATION LINKS rocket-stoves
[Post] Using Clay Flue Liner for Burn Tunnel & Heat Riser? Erica speaks on heat risers !
[Post] Will coal work for a rocket stove? Ernie says yes !!! stoves
[Post] Wind-produced heat? wind ERICA 2fer ELECT101 WINDMILL dump Mechanical NRG into HEAT NRG
[Post] Your favorite farm/permaculture/organic movies/DVDs PERMA_videosFREElotsTYLER LUDENS
[Post] Zeer Pot Fridge + solar cooker as fridge ! organic
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