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I just dropped the price of
the permaculture playing cards
for a wee bit.



uses include:
- infecting brains with permaculture
- convincing folks that you are not crazy
- gift giving obligations
- stocking stuffer
- gambling distraction
- an hour or two of reading
- find the needle
- find the 26 hidden names


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get lots of light here in the winter (Toronto), but as the angle of the sun decreases, it filters through a greater distance of atmosphere. I think it's that or the angle of incidence that makes
an R-5 factor insulation if you use a blower.  He's saying it uses the same amount of eclectricity as a light-bulb.  I wonder if you could hook something like this up
to solar. 

local car dealerships that have horrible service, because they are the only game in town, want $50 for a bulb or $300 for a rear tail light assembly - this doesn't include installation. So instead I
and the mint going good. Dug up the garlic (I think i planted it in July?) Had no garlic bulb so I guess I will plant them earlier next year. The Clementine plant I planted just for fun is doing well. I


(Suggesting that we could) talk about something interesting about light bulbs instead. 

I would much rather talk about the dual-purpose-ability of each of the bulbs
We know
something interesting about light bulbs instead. 

I would much rather talk about the dual-purpose-ability of each of the bulbs
We know that there are finite life cycles to both bulbs, but what can
Reality check! -- let's bring this thread up to date and consider a couple of _current_ facts about LED light bulbs:

1) The light quality of today's LED bulb is far better than earlier iterations
[quote=paul wheaton]My brother told me that the US will soon ban incandescent light bulbs.  Anybody know if there is any truth to that?

I know that australia did something like[/quote]

It is still possible to buy incandescent bulbs in any wattage if you know where to look and what to search on. See
i use all 3 for different applications, here is why:

incandescent, for heat and light, for the chicken coop in the winter, when there are days they are completely snowed in and it might take some
I'm surprised that no one mentioned that even though incandescent light bulbs are supposedly banned, you can easily still buy them online IF you know what to search on: 100 watt incandescent A19
There is something to it.  Cutting edge research on some of it.

Our mitochondria (the things that make energy in our cells) are light sensitive.  So even having a light on while you sleep affects
or woman out here is the moon, which is reflective light from the sun, but it is warm light as it comes from the sun.  I have a fluorescent bulb in my room which I don't particularly like the look
-5630-led-white-light-lamp-bulb-white-golden-85-265v-320694#.Wc7GtbJ95aQ]this LED in my main room which is on about 8 hours a day. Bought it 2 years ago, so I figure it's worked around 4,000+ hours
as our incandescent bulbs, it always seems like the lights are never bright enough.

It's plenty bright--it's not like it's dark--but I always feel like the lights just aren't bright enough, my eyes
. The walls are about 18" thick, and it is significantly earth bermed on the back side. With only the additional heat of 4 light bulbs, it has sailed through Colorado winters without freezing. We are very
consumption of energy then you are seeing efficiency.

Personally I don't like CFL light due to quality of light and the dangerous chemicals that present themselves when the bulb is broken either
, with the new bulb in the lamp. that is about what i was seeing nightly.  the Dimmer and warmer bulb was more concentrated on the plate and not lighting up as much of the surrounding area, i believe
[quote=paul wheaton]Each room should have a dish of soapy water with a light.   You need to be measuring your progress.  For example, if each dish got 30 fleas a night, and now with the DE you[/quote]
freezer that didn't, with a 60 watt light bulb as a heat source),and tried to keep the temperature up around 45-50C for, I want to say a week or so? I checked on it once a day and make sure
of time and capital into his light-bulb invention, he finally produced a working version. What eventually resulted was cheaper light for everyone. Anyone attempting this should do so knowing
. Just need the money for bins and worms...we stupidly bought clear plastic boxes for moving because they were cheaper or I'd use those, but I know worms hate light. If I kept them in the dark shed, do
she went out and bought a bunch of fluorescent light bulbs. A year later, she wrote a column about how she learned that fluorescent light bulbs are an example of “green washing” and turn out
The SESE (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) Landrace is a strain developed by Kelly Winterton.

He purchased a bunch of regular potato onion bulbs from the SESE seed company a few years back
with power spikes that fry CFL light bulbs and electronics.

We have a couple nice ceiling fans.

Keep in mind that off-grid solar systems with batteries are commonly cheaper than net-metering systems
to pressurize water system
-Charge cell phone

All of these system, except for the lights, have built in storage capabilities. If I get a big enough pressure tank, I
to something but not being able to follow through. So I have been watching from afar, slowly making changes to my light bulbs, my lawn care, how I hatch and raise chickens, and waiting for the time
, it takes only a light bulb to keep it above freezing. There are no windows for solar gain, and two 6" vents that are open year round to reduce humidity levels. I do not think we could have gotten
with paper towels and put down some more

   soapy water and the light in place. I read some where that using a flashing light over the pan attracts a lot more fleas. I am going to buy some flashing
watering. After I get back, I can easily run heating cables or light bulbs to keep them toasty if the lows go any lower.

So do I risk cold outside or water inside?

substrate: Coir seed starting mix (Burpee Brand mixed with coir from a compressed block)
Temperature: 70-75'
Location: East Facing Window (Under florescent bulbs)

When I transplanted them last week
[quote=paul wheaton]I remember Ernie telling me about how the navy had a light bulb system where the light bulbs were all a thick glass.   If a light bulb ever stopped working, there was a light bulb[/quote]
to work through the list.

What would you say were the biggest "light bulb" moments for you reading these books?
at 80w of led (4-6 x 8 watt led/60w equivalent each bulb)! Plenty of light!  May as well put your modem on it too and have uninteruptable solar power to your comms and entertainment.

For this type
shortening life but producing more light for less time. So buy good ones.  I have led bulbs in daily use for over 8 years.  I can now buy the same bulb for 1/10th the price.
eventually would be getting more light out of the bulb power provided by the electrical current.


It's the same as heat pumps and geothermal heating systems having greater than 100
That was quite hilarious, really. Putting bulb in oven to make electricity!

But to be serious, let me explain more of this basket-stody that R Ranson gave us.

As watt is universal
It can always be added outside in the ground.  Not quite peak placement, but close.  Add a few light bulbs at night, especially to increase grow cycle lighting (solar powered, eh?  Probably
more light out of the bulb power provided by the electrical current.
the condensator very fast so the same mechanism could be used to blink the LEDs)

i smell in this modern LED business the same principles as the old light bulb
been growing the tomatoes under not the greatest grow light bulbs from lowes in the basement which is often on the cool side especially when I don't have the pellet stove fired up. I've also recently
, they will be leggy and weak.

If you don't have a sunny, south facing window, you can use a single light bulb or invest in florescent, high density plant light, grow lights and/or a timer.  It's
- The average American adult spends $1000…
52:18 - The Oregonian

Round 10: The Close 52:57

53:11 - Wanderlust
56:20 - Incandescent Light Bulbs
As above it depends what seedlings you have but I would be wrapping something around your shelf (plastic sheet, blanket, mylar, tinfoil)to keep the heat in and put an incandescent light bulb
how wet they are, just damp and awesome. I was able to plant things down 6" with a little bulb trowel.

I think the secret is to have lots of organics in the mix. The other critical part is mulch! I

After a bit of researching, my own light bulb came on and I realized that besides fibrous vegetables, nuts and seeds are possibly the best focus, as they can offer a good bit of protein and low
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