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she went out and bought a bunch of fluorescent light bulbs. A year later, she wrote a column about how she learned that fluorescent light bulbs are an example of “green washing” and turn out
The SESE (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) Landrace is a strain developed by Kelly Winterton.

He purchased a bunch of regular potato onion bulbs from the SESE seed company a few years back
with power spikes that fry CFL light bulbs and electronics.

We have a couple nice ceiling fans.

Keep in mind that off-grid solar systems with batteries are commonly cheaper than net-metering systems
to pressurize water system
-Charge cell phone

All of these system, except for the lights, have built in storage capabilities. If I get a big enough pressure tank, I
to something but not being able to follow through. So I have been watching from afar, slowly making changes to my light bulbs, my lawn care, how I hatch and raise chickens, and waiting for the time
, it takes only a light bulb to keep it above freezing. There are no windows for solar gain, and two 6" vents that are open year round to reduce humidity levels. I do not think we could have gotten
with paper towels and put down some more

   soapy water and the light in place. I read some where that using a flashing light over the pan attracts a lot more fleas. I am going to buy some flashing
watering. After I get back, I can easily run heating cables or light bulbs to keep them toasty if the lows go any lower.

So do I risk cold outside or water inside?

substrate: Coir seed starting mix (Burpee Brand mixed with coir from a compressed block)
Temperature: 70-75'
Location: East Facing Window (Under florescent bulbs)

When I transplanted them last week
[quote=paul wheaton]I remember Ernie telling me about how the navy had a light bulb system where the light bulbs were all a thick glass.   If a light bulb ever stopped working, there was a light bulb[/quote]
to work through the list.

What would you say were the biggest "light bulb" moments for you reading these books?
at 80w of led (4-6 x 8 watt led/60w equivalent each bulb)! Plenty of light!  May as well put your modem on it too and have uninteruptable solar power to your comms and entertainment.

For this type
shortening life but producing more light for less time. So buy good ones.  I have led bulbs in daily use for over 8 years.  I can now buy the same bulb for 1/10th the price.
eventually would be getting more light out of the bulb power provided by the electrical current.


It's the same as heat pumps and geothermal heating systems having greater than 100
That was quite hilarious, really. Putting bulb in oven to make electricity!

But to be serious, let me explain more of this basket-stody that R Ranson gave us.

As watt is universal
It can always be added outside in the ground.  Not quite peak placement, but close.  Add a few light bulbs at night, especially to increase grow cycle lighting (solar powered, eh?  Probably
more light out of the bulb power provided by the electrical current.
the condensator very fast so the same mechanism could be used to blink the LEDs)

i smell in this modern LED business the same principles as the old light bulb
been growing the tomatoes under not the greatest grow light bulbs from lowes in the basement which is often on the cool side especially when I don't have the pellet stove fired up. I've also recently
, they will be leggy and weak.

If you don't have a sunny, south facing window, you can use a single light bulb or invest in florescent, high density plant light, grow lights and/or a timer.  It's
- The average American adult spends $1000…
52:18 - The Oregonian

Round 10: The Close 52:57

53:11 - Wanderlust
56:20 - Incandescent Light Bulbs
As above it depends what seedlings you have but I would be wrapping something around your shelf (plastic sheet, blanket, mylar, tinfoil)to keep the heat in and put an incandescent light bulb
how wet they are, just damp and awesome. I was able to plant things down 6" with a little bulb trowel.

I think the secret is to have lots of organics in the mix. The other critical part is mulch! I

After a bit of researching, my own light bulb came on and I realized that besides fibrous vegetables, nuts and seeds are possibly the best focus, as they can offer a good bit of protein and low
Bees wax versus tallow. Candle versus oil lamps.  Whale oil versus petroleum oil.  Oil versus gas.  Gas versus arc lights.  Arc versus incandescent.  Incandescent versus halogen versus xenon versus
control projects. All our light bulbs are LED so they use a very small amount of power. One of our showers is heated by black pipes with the sun's rays. All of our grey waste water goes into a banana
As far as color quality goes, there is an actual system for describing it for non-incandescent light bulbs. It's called "Color Rendering Index" or CRI. Incandescents by default have a CRI of 100
Looking for suggestions for a decent grow light for seed starting indoors?  I am currently using 24" florescent bulbs and get decent results.  I am not sure if there would be a benefit to the LED's
) The cost manufacturing life-cycle is overstated.
6) The analysis provided only works for a particular geographical zone.

1) Light Spectrum or Colour Balance. Firstly this is a completely subjective
shorter ones of my ancestors.  Rotten teeth, rickets, tb,  and not a single light bulb in sight. All ages have complications.
Hello Kevin,

Prickly pear doesn't cast a great deal of shade and for this reason I like to pair it with groundcovers that will intercept the remaining light. Here's a list of different plants I've
units of this polyculture can also be used in orchards and farms to provide better pollination coverage for the crops. (see layout options below)

Light and Aspect  - All of the plants included tolerate
in a suburban neighborhood, the creepiest thing is the random hovering light of a doorbell on an unlit porch. They're just the color of a flame, but aren't flickering and they're not round like most bulbs

matt walker's rocket mass heater smoker
sepp holzer's grain
rocket mass heater in the fisher price house
rocket mass heater in the office
the light bulb test still going on
the electric tractor
, try a scented candle in a fire safe location.

Use heated lighting for your sitting areas during winter. They cost as much to run as a heated blanket, but give the feel of a nice summer's day
??  Sorry forgot to say we have all electric and we do have led bulbs in light fixtures and most cooking is done on stove top..not oven!  Thanks!!

The advice about questioning the bill

the solution may be on its way

Return of incandescent light bulbs as MIT makes
is full of blue light.

So are all our homes and businesses.  We are all bathed in an 'alien sun' or in other
words, artificial light.  Most light bulbs these days are mercury based, that is to say
Ac or Dc Daylight White Led Flood Light Waterproof Outdoor Lights 800lm 80w Halogen Bulb

5 Watt
already mention the bulb's voltage rating esp. with regards to long-life bulbs.  IIRC they mostly just make the wire filament thicker, which makes it less efficient in lumens / watt, but does make it last
an incandescent light bulb will make a fair amount of heat..
It's going to get hot in the sunshine too, and quickly so you'll need to be around to open it up a bit to regulate the temperature.
Rendering Index

High-CRI bulbs put out a much better spectrum than others and are prized in Photography, Supermarkets, and Jewelry stores (who were really quite stuck on Halogens for the longest time
to get cold - is this thing on?"

I hope that the stuff I'm trying this year doesn't do that. 

I also stocked up on incandescent light bulbs and am toying with the idea of hanging
It is a complete LAMP.
But if you have a light bulb, the same electronics + LED's must be crammed in a smaller space -> a lot higher temperatures.
To put fuel on the fire, the actual LED's used in LAMPS
. Step by step retro of what I use and how I use it (more task lighting than before for example).

We are at the end of the world literally. We are the true end of a feed off the power grid. When we
bulbs have more than one element, LEDs could have a wider spectrum of light... I don't think the cost would be much more, if any. (higher design costs maybe)
I think that LEDs used in low voltage
much is being used per lumen?)

I too love Edison bulbs for their look, and candles. However to deal with my SADD, I need the brighter lights. Something that returns 95% of the energy put
), but it may be that I don't have total control over my lighting at the moment as I share accommodations and the house came with various light bulbs already.

That all said, I am hoping to build
fine, however you also need to take into account what else changes as you vary the voltage. Lower voltages will produce warmer light; your 6500K bulb is not producing that color mix light when you run
Haven't read the whole thing but I appreciate your doing the math, Paul.

Free sources of incadescent bulbs--yard sales, freecycle,, etc.  People buy or are given (by subsidized
. It's interesting that they make the bulb not so much for health reasons but rather for better rendition of colours in store displays and so on.
my head for the light bulbs! It would have been nice to have another foot of headroom, but if I had done that, I would have had a really low pitched roof. It worked out, but barely!

I would NEVER

I'm on episode three of the first season with the duck guy.
I already learned that I want a screw in ceramic heater vs the light bulb I've always used in my brooder! 
Thanks for the suggestion
through the use of incandescent light bulbs. Ernie explains how Paul is wrong. They talk about how the power companies are uninterested in you actually reducing your consumption. Ernie underlines that your
of the volume of the pot and small nature of the tree the damn thing takes awhile to dry. I wonder if that's causing nutrient deficiency? Who knows I'll try the light that had a light bulb go off for me.
obviously changes daily. I just leave the light switch turned on, but it is only one cfl bulb so it is not a huge cost. The grain room light adjacent to th coop has a second light hat we only use when we
this thing MYSELF?  A gas furnace sounds great! I'll buy some better light bulbs - at least they will screw into the sockets I already have."
For a society in which making mayonnaise, sewing
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