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[+] fungi » Almond Agaricus - Agaricus subrufescens (Go to) M.K. Dorje Jr.
[+] fungi » Almond Agaricus - Agaricus subrufescens (Go to) M.K. Dorje Jr.
[+] fungi » Mushroom varieties on spent coconut coir substrate from greenhouse tomatoes? (Go to) drake schutt
[+] fungi » how much controll do I have of fruiting times if my grow room is uninsulated? (Go to) drake schutt
[+] fungi » how to initiate pinning of king.oyster when its too hot out (Go to) drake schutt
[+] fungi » RMH in a spawn house (Go to) Derick Greenly
[+] fungi » RMH in a spawn house (Go to) Derick Greenly
[+] plants » wonderberry aka sunberry (solanum burbankii) (Go to) Maureen Atsali
[+] composting » Heat my house with Compost? (Go to) John Gratrick
[+] fungi » How do you grow awesome oyster mushrooms with straw and a 5 gal bucket? (Go to) John Saltveit
[+] fungi » I wanted to eat these boletes but was sore afraid - SOLVED!!! (Go to) Jay C. White Cloud
[+] fungi » What is the best fungi book? (Go to) Cassie Langstraat
[+] composting » what is the best composting book? (Go to) Ken Peavey
[+] fungi » what fungi can be grown in pine? (Go to) Meryt Helmer
[+] fungi » The YEAST Thread: What is? How to? Other resources. (Go to) drake schutt
[+] forest garden » Creating a Permaculture Food Forest is Not Always the Answer (Go to) Tyler Ludens
[+] fungi » Strange Gelatinous Fungus in Georgia (Go to) Gee Mazer
[+] mulch » Anyone use free mulch services like (Go to) Liz Braithwaite
[+] fungi » arsenic and lead in soils (Go to) John Polk
[+] fungi » I started a kickstarter fundraiser to add culinary mushrooms to our homestead -- please support (Go to) niki carpenter
[+] fungi » Questions: stem butt cultivation and dried mushrooms (Go to) Mat Smith
[+] fungi » Do corophilic mushrooms grow well on poop-free compost? (Go to) drake schutt
[+] fungi » Question on growing king stropharia (Go to) Cj Sloane
[+] fungi » does saprotrophic mycelium benefit from nitrogen? (Go to) drake schutt
[+] fungi » Lazy mans mushroom cultivation through selectivity (Go to) Shawn Harper
[+] fungi » mushrooms in garden: colonized log borders and mushroom compost as growing medium (Go to) dan long
[+] fungi » Reishi (Go to) dan long
[+] fungi » Using wood pellets to spawn 'shrooms (Go to) drake schutt
[+] fungi » Create a Natural Medicine Chest: Starting A Maitake Mushroom Patch (Go to) John Saltveit
[+] fungi » Non-sterile cultivation (Go to) Joseph Lofthouse
[+] fungi » Non-sterile cultivation (Go to) Joseph Lofthouse
[+] forest garden » Video Tour of Michael Pilarski's food forest 4 months after planting into a grassy field ... (Go to) Chris Badgett
[+] fungi » Should I eat these? (Go to) John Saltveit
[+] wild harvesting » Finding and identifying morels (Go to) karrin carlson
[+] fungi » lazy, cheap inoculation? (Go to) George Meljon
[+] fungi » Saving spores (Go to) Florian Kreisky
[+] composting » BPA in paper compost sources (Go to) Sherri Lynn
[+] fungi » Saving spores (Go to) Florian Kreisky