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[+] survival » How do you guys feel about prepping/ survivalist culture? (Go to) Henri Paves
[+] plant fibers » Linen Flax - Flax plant for spinning and weaving (Go to) Casie Becker
[+] tinkering with this site » Permaculture Inner-circle Elite (PIE) (Go to) James Alun
[+] meaningless drivel » The F-Word (Go to) Jocelyn Campbell
[+] meaningless drivel » I'm an ENTJ, what are you? (Go to) gir bot
[+] wofati and earth berm » Underground housing (Go to) Jeff Steez
[+] rocket mass heaters » Inexpensive vacuum formed ceramic fiber heat risers here in USA (Go to) thomas rubino
[+] web sites » how did you find out about permies.com? (Go to) Toko Aakster
[+] textile techniques » A book on designing a permaculture farm with a focus on Fiber? (Go to) Anne Miller
[+] tinkering with this site » looking for a bounty-based kickstarter-like-thing (Go to) Candace Williams
[+] ulcer factory » Science vs. "science" - and "engineering" too (Go to) paul wheaton
[+] fencing » Grateful Dead Hedge (Go to) Benedict Bosco
[+] wheaton laboratories » my psychosis at workshops (Go to) Ruth Jerome
[+] meaningless drivel » Paul has cervical radiculopathy (from a bulging disc) - advice? (Go to) John Hutter
[+] meaningless drivel » what brand of coffee do you drink? (Go to) Jocelyn Campbell
[+] cover crops » Garlic friendly cover crops? (Go to) Ellendra Nauriel
[+] social justice » Lovely people within the 1% (Go to) Chris Kott
[+] greening the desert » Prickly Pear are the perfect permaculture plant for parched places (Go to) Luke Perkins
[+] ancestral skills » Ancestral Parenting (Go to) Simon Torsten
[+] fencing » High-tensile electrified fencing for goats and cattle: upsides and downsides? (Go to) Phil Grady
[+] roundwood and timber framing » Roundwood (Log) Furniture (Go to) Peter Ellis
[+] rocket stoves » Legality of RMH in Pennsylvania? (Go to) An Bu
[+] meaningless drivel » Wheaton's Law of Reflective Douchebaggery (Go to) Michael Helmersson
[+] tinkering with this site » capitalism, gift economy and prices that are too damn high! (Go to) nancy sutton
[+] roundwood and timber framing » Scribing tool..... (Go to) Maruf Miliunas
[+] permaculture singles » Infancy stage of a non-monogamous intentional permaculture community N. Central Mass. (Go to) John Ross
[+] gear » Tractors, necessary, or luxury? (Go to) jhony geex
[+] tinkering with this site » bumper stickers are now available!! (little icons below people's names) (Go to) Pearl Sutton
[+] gear » Hand tools you use most ..... (Go to) Rachel McCarty
[+] ponds » Any advise on how to build a bog-true peat bog? (Go to) D.W. Stratton
[+] cheese » Things to make with whey (Go to) AngelinaGianna Maffeo
[+] eastern usa » Pittsburgh PA Newbie (Go to) Bob Gigliotti
[+] homeschooling » Homeschool roll call (Go to) Victoire Peverill
[+] wheaton laboratories » Digging a well with an extendable post hole auger (Go to) C Rogers
[+] homestead » Crypto-permie homesteaders on Nat Geo TV show "Live Free Or Die" (Go to) Devin Lavign
[+] farm income » LOTR Nerds, I need your help (Go to) Chris Bright