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Dave Burton
Post     Subject: Japanese Minimalism and More

I came across another video that I thought was an interesting take on minimalism. This one talked also about applying minimalism to the mind.

Artie Scott
Post     Subject: Japanese Minimalism

Hey Dave, great topic, and loved the videos!  Have long been a fan of Japanese minimalism, and always admired their dedication to order, simplicity and nature.  While I can’t say I have achieved the simplicity of owning just 150 things, I have progressed toward owning only what I need and use on a regular basis.
Dave Burton
Post     Subject: Japanese Minimalism and More

I think that decluttering one's life of things is a good way to save money, save time, and lower one's environmental impact. One good example that I have come across of this is the rising popularity of minimalism in Japan.

These were some good videos I found on the topic:

These were some good articles I found about Japanese minimalism.
- Japanese Minimalism Making Life Simple
- How Japan Made Me a Minimalist
- Microliving the Japanese Way
- What Japanese Minimalism Teaches Us About Living Simply

What other forms of minimalism do you know of?
Do you practice minimalism?
How do you practice minimalism?
Why do you practice minimalism?
What does minimalism mean to you? Personally? Financially? Emotionally? Spiritually?