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Cam Haslehurst
Post     Subject: PEP BB nest.sand.jeeves.shovelsnow - Shovel Snow From a Walk

I help one of my friends with his snow removal business so I do a lot of shovelling. Today I went out solo to clear about 4-5cm of snow off of all the driveways he's got contracts for which is seven. Here are pics of one I did. All in all I think it took about 6 minutes as it was light snow and I have learned how to shovel pretty efficiently. I would say it is definitely over 60 ft long but I can measure to be sure next time I do it if the person checking this BB is unsure.

Mike Haasl
Post     Subject: PEP BB nest.sand.jeeves.shovelsnow - Shovel Snow From a Walk

Had enough snow to deal with but not quite enough to get out the snowblower (2" of light stuff).  Shoveled the driveway which is fairly big.
Ash Jackson
Post     Subject: PEP BB nest.sand.jeeves.shovelsnow - Shovel Snow From a Walk

It snowed there!

My driveway is a bit over 50' long, and then I shoveled the sidewalk, front walk, and some of the street, too (the city here can't afford to plow very often).
r ranson
Post     Subject: PEP BB nest.sand.jeeves.shovelsnow - Shovel Snow From a Walk

I didn't manage to take a self-e but I hope this will be enough as it shows the work in progress.  Also, the mailbox is several miles down the road so I focused on the areas where the car goes.

first submitted in oddball

An excessive amount of unseasonably late, wet snow

My trusty shovel.  The snow was fairly shallow when I started, but it kept on snowing.

The starter path

more snow moved. The pile on the side is getting pretty high. The snow appears to be letting up and the sun going down, so I quit for the night. this was a mistake as there was another four inches overnight.

Job done

What's really sad is we had the same again over the next few days.  Since I'm the only one at home that can do this kind of labour, and we were out of hot cocoa, it made for some interesting days.
Dave Burton
Post     Subject: Shovel Snow From a Walk - PEP BB nest.sand.jeeves.shovelsnow

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in Nest.

In this Badge Bit, you will shovel snow from a walk.  (Note that this BB is part of an 8-part choose your own adventure list BB called the Jeeves List. You must complete eight Badge Bits in the Jeeves List.)

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  - How to Shovel Snow
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To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
  - shovel snow from a walk
      - at least an inch deep and 60 feet long

To show you've completed this Badge Bit, you must provide:
   - a before picture of snowy walk
   - an action shot of you shoveling snow from the walk that is obviously an inch deep
   - an after picture of the shoveled walk that is obviously 60 feet or longer
   - OR a 2-minute video of you doing this