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Leigh Tate
Post     Subject: Perform a Water Quality Test - PEP BB plumbing.sand.waterquality

The water test kit I used was "Ultimate Drinking Water Test Strips, 14 Parameters," purchased from Amazon.

Here's the contents of the kit.

Source to be tested was kitchen tap water.

Dipping the test strip into my water sample.

Results were read after 60 seconds. I jotted them down as quickly as I could.

Our tap water is municipal water, so I didn't expect any problems. Still, I've been curious. Of the heavy metals, my water was negative for mercury, lead, iron, and manganese. The test showed trace amounts of copper, aluminum, chromium, and zinc. pH was 7. Water hardness tested soft (50 mg/L). No nitrates or nitrites and small amounts of fluoride and chlorine were present.

The kit came with 50 test strips, so I plan to test filtered water from our Berkey, also our rainwater because that's what we give the animals.

I think that meets the badge requirements!
Ash Jackson
Post     Subject: PEP BB plumbing.sand.tiny.waterquality - Perform a Water Quality Test

I used this water test from the examples above:

It was super quick and easy to use.

The test results show my water's hard, and appears to have higher than average alkalinity. But none of the other factors are outside the "established" limits.

(Edit, add water source, it's my tap water. I'd attached the picture originally, I must have messed something up.)
Dave Burton
Post     Subject: Perform a Water Quality Test - PEP BB plumbing.sand.waterquality

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in Plumbing.

In this Badge Bit, you will perform a water quality test.  (Note that this BB is part of a 6-part choose your own adventure list BB called the Tiny List. You must complete six Badge Bits in the Tiny List.)

Some related articles
  - Water Quality and Testing
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  - Water Testing Information from the National Groundwater Association
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These are some water quality test kits
  - Test Assured's Complete Water Test Analysis Kit
  - Health Metric's Well Water Test Kit
  - Baldwin Meadow's 14-in-1 Drinking Water Test Kit
  - Safe Home Water Quality Test Kit

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
 - perform a water quality test

To show you've completed this Badge Bit, you must provide:
   - a link to the water quality test kit or service you are using
   - a picture of the water quality test kit, or what will be sent to the lab
   - a picture of the water source you are testing (cistern?  well head? stream or spring?)
   - a picture of the water sample
   - a picture of the results of your water quality test
   - a description of what your water quality test results mean
   - OR a 2-minute video of you doing this