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Tamsin Irving
Post     Subject: Costa Rica: Starting Frutarian fruit forest educational community seeks pioneers and investers!

We are Pura Fruta .org

We are creating, providing a space for those who want to live together and unite in a common vision to connect with a natural way of living as part of nature. To live as lightly on the earth as possible to give an example to others. To create a new way of living together, a new tribal way of Peace with all beings.
Learning together how to detox our bodies, our minds and our emotions through healthy practices.
We start to grow a fruit forest, learn peaceful communication techniques, immerse ourselves in wild nature, practice yoga, meditation, breatharianism.
The Land we have was pasture and surrounding it is forest, 15 hectares, we aim to regenerate the pasture land with food forest technique.
Planting has started, basically, though living on the land starts this year October.

Now its Pioneer time! Access is to cross a low slow river (very lovely for bathing, gets very warm on a sunny day), though when raining gets really high for a week...  Come take a look, stay near by(possible to rent a cabin a few km away) or take a leap, bring a tent, though we also have some... build your basic structure and find your way to the market (we still have very little growing yet!)... transport solutions still need to be found, buy/rent your own car... or possible to arrange with others together...  can be expensive, idea to drive one down from the U.S...

So the space is here, the water is here... we have a clean creak for drinking!
Come join us and learn your true nature