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D. Logan
Post     Subject: PEP BB plumbing.sand.tiny.leakytoilet - Fix a Leaky Toilet

This toilet has had ongoing problems. The mechanisms have been replaced by the landlord twice and though the major issues were resolved, it continued to run slowly, but inconsistently. Rather than having the clients' landlord in again, I wnt ahead and did the fix myself. The seal was still good, but it turns out that the chain was kinked so it wasn't always closing the seal completely. All it took this time was to loosen the kink so the chain would drop to a consistent position.
Mike Haasl
Post     Subject: PEP BB plumbing.sand.tiny.leakytoilet - Fix a Leaky Toilet

I fixed a running toilet today!  I thought it was just an issue of gunk on the flapper that was preventing a good seal.  Unfortunately after cleaning it off, it still leaked.  So I bought a kit to replace all the moving parts of the toilet.
Jonathan Dandurand
Post     Subject: PEP BB plumbing.sand.tiny.leakytoilet - Fix a Leaky Toilet

A few days ago my 5 year old told me the toilet wouldn't flush, I didn't think anything of it until later that night i heard running water and saw that a part was broken. I wasn't sure what it was so i looked up a diagram on google found the name for the part i needed. My wife went a few days ago to get the part I needed since she was already in town getting groceries but i mistakenly told her the wrong size so we had to deal with fixing the flapper seal for a few days until we had a few other things to get in town. I was able to pick up the part today and install it. Lesson learned if you can bring the old/broken part with you to the store it makes finding the replacement part a lot easier.
Dave Burton
Post     Subject: Fix a Leaky Toilet - PEP BB plumbing.sand.tiny.leakytoilet

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in Plumbing.

In this Badge Bit, you will fix a leaky toilet.  (Note that this BB is part of a 6-part choose your own adventure list BB called the Tiny List. You must complete six Badge Bits in the Tiny List.)

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Here are some videos about how to fix a leaking toilet.
The first two are about how to fix a leaking tank, and the second two are about how to fix a toilet leaking from the base.

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
- fix a leaky toilet

To show you've completed this Badge Bit, you must provide:
   - a before picture of the leaking toilet
   - an in progress shot of you repairing the leaking toilet
   - an after picture of the toilet no longer leaking
   - a description of the problem and how it was fixed
   - OR a 2-minute video of you doing this