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kent smith
Post     Subject: golf cart into electrice car

There is an alturnitive vehicle group on the "other power" forum. I think that it is other power is a great place for folks who are into alturnitive power applications.
Sandra Ellane
Post     Subject: golf cart into electrice car

You may be able to gain some info from John Howe's youtube videos:

He's a retired engineer who has come up with various solar powered vehicles, and his videos are pretty inspirational.
marty reed
Post     Subject: golf cart into electrice car

well i have wanted an and EV for a long time. but, can really afford to buy somthing that i can not use all the time. i was looking on crigslist at golf carts and seen some old ones with 3 wheels on them and was thinking that might be a good start to my EV small light weight with a bigger moter and alot of fab work i think this can happen. what i dont know is about the weight of new moter and all that go with it to estimate weight requraments is their a place where i can get this information and weight to speed ratios would be nice also.

if i can not make this work the way i want it to then i will be looking into a moter cycle moter just for the high miles per gallon.

any ideas???