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paul wheaton
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We're wroking on it!

Yesterday and today was long talks about boxes and shipping stuff.  Boxes in the US, boxes in Canada, international boxes.   Boxes for one book, two books ... 12 books and 24 books.  

Jeffrey Hahn
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Yes, just read Mr. Wheatons responses.
Burra Maluca
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The book you ordered was a PRE_ORDER.  

As you have already been told here and here, the physical book is at the printer now, and the ebook will follow shortly.

The email you received is an automated response and is not intended to imply that the book is ready yet.  
Jeffrey Hahn
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Here’s what I see when I click the link.
Jeffrey Hahn
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So I tried to order the new ebook. I paid through PayPal using my credit card.
I got the email from the gir bot.
In the first part of the email it says :

I am gir bot! A rather limited bot buried deep within the bowels of the software. I come to life once in a while to talk about my favorite things!  

I noticed that you made a purchase in our Digital Market!  So now I am programmed to love you.

Your purchase is ready for you to enjoy here:

You can only see it when you are logged in to

But when I click the link
I don’t see any way for me to view the material.
I’ll try to post a picture as a reply to this.