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Curt Hettman
Post     Subject: Shop dog

This is my guard dog! Lol

Doesn't  she look ferocious? But seriously she does a good job barking at anyone who comes on the property. Then she runs and hides behind the couch.
Su Ba
Post     Subject: Shop dog

Molly is beautiful!!!

I've always found that having a dog around helps prevent crime. Unsavory people are less apt to attack you or try to steal your purse/knapsack, etc. if you're with a big dog. At the veterinary hospital we had almost zero shoplifting if the hospital canine mascot was wandering in the waiting room as compared to multiple things disappearing when the dog wasn't there. Funny thing, but just the presence of an alert dog made people keep their fingers to themselves. I still chuckle about how much the hospital dog saved us from losing inventory.

I'm a woman who often works alone on my farm. I ALWAYS have a big farm dog accompany me. I feel safer that way. My dogs have always alerted me to anyone entering the farm.
John Weiland
Post     Subject: Shop dog

Jobsite dog.....loves to stand on the jobsite item that you most need at any given time... :-)
thomas rubino
Post     Subject: Shop dog

During the day if I'm working out in my shop. Molly likes to hang with me. Admittedly it is winter and there is a huge brick RMH sitting there radiating heat!
That's OK she can be a shop dog...
Our last doggy was a large golden retriever. Very smart and also a tool and or part thief!  
Rather frustrating to set a bolt or tool down, only to turn back and find it missing!  She was banned from the shop forever!  Even in the summer when the doors were, open she didn't set a paw inside!

Molly , not being a retriever has no interest in taking my stuff. What she is interested in however , is ME ... if I lay down and crawl under a car she has to come investigate. Kneel down and she's right beside you.
Imagine , your stretched out on your side... your shirt has pulled free... suddenly a cold wet nose is sniffing your bare skin, IF you can avoid hurting your self when you jump. She will stop and lay down, one foot away... change to a new position ... there's that nose again ! She's not a licker  just a sniffer!  She probably would make a good drug sniffing dog.

Her training has been going very well. She is super smart. She knows what we want her to do... will even do it , most of the time ...BUT then she becomes like a two year old child and just has to push the limits...
Thank goodness doggy's mature faster than humans