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M. Drake
Post     Subject: Smoky Mountain authentic homestead

That sounds beautiful. My partner and I (42f & 48m) are looking for a situation like this.  I have extensive experience in handyman type work, know my way around a tractor and excavator.  I have built custom cabinets, an outhouse, a cobb house, sun room, a yurt, and more.  We would be interested in knowing more about you and your property
Suzanne Shaddix
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Hi, Chris!  Sounds like a wonderful place!  I live in north Mississippi and am hoping to buy land soon myself for a tiny homestead, (maybe here or Florida).  I'm gathering ideas for backup plans in case plan A doesn't materialize right away.  If it doesn't work out, I'll be looking for a work-trade situation to start around February or March and last about a year.  For the right work-trade situation, I might even put off my land purchase a little longer.  I'm 61 and have some physical limitations, but willing to work extra hours to make up for being slow.  I posted a fairly detailed profile if you would like to read it.  I used to be a very self-sufficient Jill of all trades, but ended up with injuries from not respecting the limits of my body.  These days, I look for alternate ways of doing things that cause less wear and tear.  I'm still creative and resourceful.  I have a small RV, but no holding tanks...
I would need a place to park with access to a shower/bathroom.  If you would like more information or to meet in person, please let me know.  My email address is  Look forward to hearing from you!
James Sims
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Hello my girlfriend and I are looking for a place to park our tiny house. In exchange we would be able to offer our skills and knowledge your beautiful homestead I hope to hear from you soon.
AngelinaGianna Maffeo
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Oh my stars the gardens are breath taking. Is that a bed of Foxglove I see among the herbs. I'm just north of Greensboro at the moment, I would love to see your property. I'm toying with the idea of joining another homestead rather than starting my own. Your place wouldn't do. I've been Urban Farming for 8 years and I have livestock who will be coming with me. But I would still like to see the 1800's rhythm of the homestead.

John F Dean
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Very impressive.
Norma Amron
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Hey there!

You have a lovely garden & homestead! I'm a gardener and currently living out of my van in Asheville, where I've been for 4 years. I'm looking to do worktrade on someone's permaculture/homestead/farm project for the season (or longer if it works out well and there's an indoor option over the winter), where I can park my van in exchange for some hours every week working on the land. I probably can't do more than ~15 hours/week since I still have to run my gardening business a varying amount of days per week. Would you be interested in a worktrade arrangement for some gardening or other labor? I know a good bit about growing annuals/perennials, seed starting and greenhouse work, chickens, and have done some basic reading on permaculture principles but would love to do more hands-on work with it. I'm a novice carpenter but always down to get some work done! All I really need is a flat spot to park & water, maybe access to a shower/bathroom if you've got it, or a spot for a composting toilet. If this sounds like an exchange that could work out for you, I'd love to see what you've got going on and help out if I can!

Chris Cole
Post     Subject: Smoky Mountain authentic homestead

Thank you both so much.  
Sena Kassim
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I ditto Pearl! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Best of luck!!!
Pearl Sutton
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Chris Cole: What a BEAUTIFUL place you have!! I hope you find the people who will fit in as well as the flowers do :)
Chris Cole
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25 beautiful serene and private acres, one of the original homesteads in my part of the mountains, located within a national Forest boundary, it's paradise.

This is my first post on this site so any pointers as to info I should include are welcome.

 I'm looking for the right person, or family unit, to join me here who will love this one of a kind setting as much as I do.  

Multiple home or rv sites, as well as another stick built structure next to the small farmhouse that could easily be an apartment.  Fenced gardens, streams, a fennced pasture, gazebos, and mountain paths abound on the property.  

It's quiet and peaceful here, so if you're the right person you will be as well.  No companion dogs for now near the main homestead since I have older dogs that don't play well with others but if you are a distance away from the house and can pay for fencing to contain your animal then it can be negotiable.  Any farm animals you have or want can be discussed as well.

Expectations, contributions by labor to basic upkeep (mowing the grass...light stuff), as well as what I can contribute to you are fluid.  Everyone's situation is different, this place has its own energy I think and will reach whomever it is that should be here.

This is non-negotiable: I will not allow the hate of discrimination of anyone, regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation, (and the list goes on), to contaminate this paradise.   So if that's in your heart even a little, please just move on.

Although I'm not off-grid now, this was an off grid farm when established in the 1800s so no worries exist here should resources or services be interrupted.  

The perfect match will be a long term situation

Ok, I have fingers crossed that this actually posts.