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michaelll collins
Post     Subject: Share a farm SW Missouri

I love your emphasis on healthy food and avoiding synthetic/chemicals. I'm the same exact way. I'm willing to join and believe I'd fit in perfectly. My gf is the same but couldn't join for another year. I am however a vegan and wouldn't want to be a part of using animals or anything releasing pollution. But I'm in good physical condition and would put in a ton of work toward whatever is needed, especially gardening
Leif Ing
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Hi Zennia,

Just wanted to say hi, we may be selling our house in KC sooner rather than later. Wife is thinking to stay in the KC area another year and find the lowest cost place to live possible, to save cash, pay off debts, etc. then we are looking to move down towards the Springfield area, maybe between there and Ava, MO...? We have 3 kids, my 21 yr old son who lives with us and almost 8 yr old twins that we homeschool. I am currently a trucker, but when we find a place I’d much prefer to get off the road and be home nightly with my family, maybe even work from home in time, if possible. Would love to chat, gotta get back to driving now though, break time is over. Send me a Purple Moosage if you like, I have lots of talking time now most days, if not always great cell signal. LOL

R Hill
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Hello Zennia, I love the way you think.  I am recently retired and in the process of downsizing to relocate from Illinois and looking for acreage in either SW Missouri or NW Arkansas, leaning to Missouri.  I am contemplating an earth-bermed home, and prefer the idea of a rain catchment with cistern for clean water, however a well would be a nice backup.  I prefer to be off grid and limit electric use to go solar and keep cost and complexity down. I like redundancy so would probably keep propane and look towards wood as well for energy in cooking and heating as necessary.  I abhor consumerism, entitlement, and government over-reach; and strive to always be self-sufficient.  I have a background in education and strongly support home schooling.  I've an engineering background and capable in many facets of construction.  I enjoy a rural setting, the outdoors and all it has to offer.  I must admit my farming skills are limited but I'm anxious to get my hands in the dirt and learn to work with the earth in a sustainable fashion.  I am not afraid of physical labor and would entertain the idea of helping in a temporary capacity as I search for a lager place and develop a plan moving forward.  I have my own 25' camper which I'm adding solar to make it more self-sufficient.  I plan on visiting the area frequently as I search for land. I also have family in Oklahoma not far from Fort Smith where I travel frequently as well.  I'd love to hear more about your knowledge and experience in the area.  Ralph Hill
Zennia Gardiin
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We are a family of 5 (soon to be six),
looking for like minded families who share our desire to live the kind of natural/ healthy lives humans were intended to in order to reach our full potential.
We are seeking to create the highest quality environment for our children and ourselves.

FOOD     It is very important to us to be able to grow, raise, and prepare our own food. We eat a Weston Price style diet, and having high quality vegetables, eggs, raw dairy, and meat, especially organ meats, are key.

PHILOSOPHIES     We prefer to absolutely minimize our exposure to mainstream media in all forms. We do not have or watch TV. We want to separate ourselves from the harmful influences of popular culture—entitlement, endless “pursuit” of happiness, consumerism, complacency with mediocrity…

HOME     We are looking for a safe place where we are protected from EMFs—no cell phone towers, wireless internet, etc. We utilize all natural materials in the home, including clothing, and are completely synthetic fragrance free, using only truly natural personal /household care products.

EDUCATION     Homeschool!! We think this is essential for kids learning true problem solving skills, out of the box thinking, and pursuing individual talents and passions in extraordinary ways.

SPIRIT     We believe that each individual is on their own path to understanding their own divinity and what to do with it—via their own unique challenges in life and the wisdom gained. We are down to earth folks who also appreciate spiritual diversity so long as there is no dogma, preachiness, or evangelism attached.

We currently have a small farm in the Missouri Ozarks  (about 3.75 acres) with a small house, duplex (we live in about ¾ of it), barn, and an old RV on it.  All are in need of a bit of work.  We plan to stay here for another year or so, and would like to use this property as a meeting place for like minded families, and a launching pad to a larger, more ideal, and permanent property.  Our view of a more ideal property would be a mostly wooded acreage with a clearing in the center for homes, pasture, etc..  Homes and structures would be built using strategies and natural/nontoxic materials that block EMFs, and a deep well drilled  to access the deep aquifer in this area.  Our current property is in a nice rural location about 15-20 minutes from Springfield, where there are lots of job opportunities, good health food stores, etc.  There are no zoning restrictions or building codes or regulations at all in our county, so anything is possible.  We can provide inexpensive rent for families that share our values and want to collaborate with us.  We are open to people with different levels of experience in farming and homesteading—we are still learning ourselves, and want to create an environment where we can all teach and learn from each other.  We’ll be gardening and raising chickens, ducks, and hopefully adding geese and rabbits and goats this year.  We have many ideas for what we can begin (and practice) on this property on a small scale and expand on at the future site.  We want to hear your ideas, too.
Please get a hold of us by email first and let us know about your family.