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C. E. Rice
Post     Subject: Dry Stacking natural limestone

That is excellent!   The problem is the solution.

Plus you add structure and microclimates to the landscape as well!  There is probably a very small amount of additional dew drip that is also harvested on these warm stones as they cool in the night air!

Any chance you have some pictures to share?

M. Phelps
Post     Subject: Dry Stacking natural limestone

my friend did something like this along the edge of his driveway
he filled the beds starting with brush and wood somewhat like a hugleculture and then dirt/soil on top
Minus Tran
Post     Subject: Dry Stacking natural limestone

I know the idea of using natural stone for dry stacking has been addressed in several other post.  The thought I wanted to mention is that dry stacking can help you cover up a multitude of landscaping issues.  In our part of Texas we have a lot of areas that are primarily flat rock.  Nothing will grow on these areas and if they happen to be in your yard, that becomes a problem.

Our solution to several problem areas was using natural limestone that we picked up in the pasture in order to build raised flower beds.  This solved the unsightly areas and added great landscape features to the yard area.

The flower beds have stood up well over the years.  Basically we have to replace a few rocks here and there that the wild turkeys knock off when they come into the yard.

This was a win win solution for us.  The material was free and it solved several unsightly landscape issues.