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Antigone Allena
Post     Subject: 48 swm looking for partner to co-create

Hello from the mid-Willamette Valley! I'd love to hear more about your progress and your vision for the 80 acres you're on. I just returned here from the Western Slope of Colorado where I was working at a 40-acre Retreat Center as the Wellness & Permaculture Director. I have been looking for land for several years to settle on in Oregon. My intention is similar to yours - to open a land-based educational and micro-business operation with the restoration of the land being front and center on the agenda. It would be great to chat with you if you have some time! Thanks, and good harvest to you. You can email me directly at
Kirsten Wolfe
Post     Subject: 48 swm looking for partner to co-create

The cocreative journey is a wonderful thing! We are all in it together, however some of us find our intentions align beautifully. I currently live in Santa Fe and have implemented dryland permaculture strategies (some techniques indigenous to this area), on the land where I live and worked at UNM in the sustainability department as coordinator of permaculture project on site. after studying at a biodynamic ranch in carbondale CO I found myself enjoying the green pastures and have been looking into PNW living since. Paternal side of family lives out there and I visit annually. Anyway, Shasta is mystical and beautiful... I'm interested in community living and have an undergrad in community planning, MS in counseling psychology. Contact me if you feel inspired to do so.
Be blessed
Dj Slite
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I don't want this to sound too corny but I have to say what first drew my attention to your post were your kind eyes. And you know they say the eyes are the window to the soul
I just found this forum and it is like a breath of fresh air to see that there are individuals out there with similar interests and goals. I am a SWF 42 who is college educated and does well for herself. It has always been my dream to live a simpler lifestyle but I have never found anyone who shared this passion with me. Between kids (older teens), work and also having an aversion to the bar scene I have found it difficult to meet new people. I would love to chat more. PM me.
Stacy Witscher
Post     Subject: 48 swm looking for partner to co-create

Hi Leaf,
I'm 49, SWF, in southern Oregon, with 4 grown children. I would be interested in meeting you, if nothing else, it's good to have friends. I also have 80 acres, but in the upper rogue. Feel free to PM me.

Elizabeth Adler
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Hi Leaf
Saw your post since it came out. Am surprised nobody contacted you -Women are fools.... I hope you are well and I hope the coronavirus disaster isn't causing trouble for you and you and your lovely kids stay healthy and safe. Us in Europe are affected. Hope you stay healthy.
If you want to know more about me I hope we can chat.
Best regards
Leaf Bailey
Post     Subject: 48 swm looking for partner to co-create

I’m in southern Oregon, where I have 80 acres of off-grid forest land that I am currently working on restoring to greater health and have dreams of creating a community and learning center on. I’m right outside the town of Ashland and pretty much equidistant to San Francisco and Portland.

I have two young kids half time and doing my best to guide them into the amazing human beings they are.

Between the kids, the rural property, and my aversion to bars, I don’t get out much and have recently found this site as s resource for information. Finding this particular forum seemed like a good place to cast my line. I’m happy to share more or chat. Good luck out here.