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Neil Moffett
Post     Subject: Corner posts for training pen?

t posts are fine but you may want to get 6 ft posts and drive them in so the tops are level with the hog panels.  If they're happy, as thomas says they're unlikely to try to get out.  But you'll likely want to remove any electric in there when you're loading (unless you want a shock!) and a 300 pound pig leaning up against a t post that's only 1 foot in the ground can bend it over without really trying.
thomas rubino
Post     Subject: Corner posts for training pen?

Hi Taylor;   As long as the pigs are happy , T posts should work fine for a temp. pen. Or trees would do fine as well.
If the pigs really want to leave...   well good luck with that!
The term "pig Headed"  came from piggys ! If they get it in their little piggy brain that they want out... well see previous statement....
Taylor Cleveland
Post     Subject: Corner posts for training pen?

We’re setting up a hog panel “training” pen to train the pigs on electric fence. Then we will be moving them through the woods. I’m curious if you all think we need to put in actual corner posts or tposts will work. They won’t be in the pen for long periods of time. Just training, loading, and for any situation when we would need to maybe work on the electric fence/some sort of other maintenance. Our soil is extremely rocky and I really don’t want to have to pay my neighbor to bring his skid steer in to put in holes for the posts.

Since it’s a wooded area I was thinking we could use some trees to attach to it for duribility with a combo or tposts instead