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Rex Reeves
Post     Subject: Solar Station Construction Plans - now FREE for a while

I just had a thought. I currently have a solar station on my 8x15 camper trailer that I lived in for 14 months (through two Canadian zone 3 winters). But I digress. Seeing this station and thinking of the solar dehydrator, I wonder how well solar panels would work as the black solar collector on the dehydrator. Would their life span be shortened or the efficiency severely reduced? Oh, and thanks for the freebies!
paul wheaton
Post     Subject: Solar Station Construction Plans - now FREE for a while

If you get this and stick to our dailyish email for a while, every few days you get another freebie.  I think there are currently more than 30 freebies.  You can see the full list here:

Nicole Alderman
Post     Subject: Solar Station Construction Plans - now FREE for a while

solar station ebook by Ben Peterson with plans mobile shelter that goes on trailer

You can get these plans HERE through our dailyish freebies!

Here's some more about these plans:

Solar Station: Step-by-Step Construction Plans

Solar made: plug-in ready, multi-use, simple, DIY. This solar station can also double as a shelter to camp in, and can be easily transported from one area to another, as it easily fits on a trailer bed.

The plans include a complete tool and material list, detailed instructions for everything from the skid structure to battery storage and solar panel installation, and everything in between!

Ben Peterson is an award-winning innovator who's work has been featured in Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, Mechanical Engineering and the Clean Tech Open to name a few. His area of focus is turning sunlight into fuels by combining modern solar technology and bio-refining processes to replace dirty petroleum and create a zero waste world.

If you don't like emails (we get that, though we're bummed!), you can buy it right HERE!