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AngelinaGianna Maffeo
Post     Subject: Starting Homestead in Catskills looking for Partner(s)

You might try there are many people looking to make the jump off grid of all ages. Good luck
daniel thomas allen
Post     Subject: Starting Homestead in Catskills looking for Partner(s)

Hi there I saw your post about starting a project in the Catskills. I have been studying permaculture for about a year -not a lot of experience but able-bodied and willing to volunteer time when you need an extra set of hands (I have a family so not looking for new living arrangement - just interested to start doing hands-on work and learning!)
Danny Flynn
Post     Subject: Starting Homestead in Catskills looking for Partner(s)

Hey man! This sounds like a cool project and I might be interested...I know a fair amount about building with natural materials and there's a lot you can do right off the land. I've traveled the US as well and definitely want to by in the Northeast. Hit me up at to chat more!
Kim Goodwin
Post     Subject: Starting Homestead in Catskills looking for Partner(s)

Welcome to Permies!  

That sounds like a lovely plan and I hope others see your post and reach out.  In case you haven't heard of it, another good site to look for people to build intentional communities with is I'm guessing you've heard of that, but just in case...

A small suggestion - one thing you might want to make clear in your post is whether or not you are looking for a romantic relationship.  It reads a tad ambiguous to me at least, and I've noticed that people respond less to ambiguity.

Good luck in your property purchase and projects!

Buster Brown
Post     Subject: Starting Homestead in Catskills looking for Partner(s)


I’ve been a long observer and never really interacted on the forum.

I’m looking to start a little homestead of sorts in the Catskills region of NY and would love to find an amazing like minded person to join me on this journey. The first order of business would be building a cabin ideally before winter sets in. Then expand from there. I started looking at property right before Covid, so this has delayed the land purchase a little, but everything should go through by the of June. During that time I’d love to find a comrade and get to know anyone who would be willing to join me on this.

The home I’ve planned out is a small open floor plan, roughly 700sft with a loft. I’m looking to find someone to help me with the cabin build, (conventional stick build) then as “payment” of sorts join me living there for awhile as we weather the winter till spring. We’d probably have to share the loft for a few years or so or until we acquire the resources to build another room or cabin. The homestead would be roughly 15-20 acres in a mostly wooded area.

I’m a 31 y/o male. A basic EMT among other things (I have a Masters degree from prestigious school that means less and less to each and everyday but if that worth know, there you go). Ideology: Egalitarian Libertarian/Libertarian Socialist (please look it up) I’m looking for someone around my age and general life views. Who take care of themselves and the Earth. No haters of any kind please. I don’t mind religion just not one that’s hateful. Tankies, former military, reformers, pretty much anyone who’s interested or looking for a similar opportunity please reach out.

Why am I taking on this journey:
I realized quite abruptly a few years back or so, I was thoroughly caught up in the grind of of capitalism and status achieving, I completely disregarded my emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I had a bit of an escaping the Matrix moment, which was immediately followed by me selling all my useless crud and backpacking across the US for a year. Sometime in that year, I couldn’t find a friend to crash at, so I propped up my tent at a state parks and forests, only then did my heart stop racing. For the next several months, I met amazing people with farms, cabins and homesteading projects, and they began to show me another easily attainable way of communing with nature, ones community and most importantly oneself. Building a home in matter became a passion of mine, that I’ve spent nearly a year, and countless hours researching and reading about, I’ve visited a countless number of off grid homes and hand made homes to learn as much possible with the hope of confirming for myself this was a fleeting hope but a calling. I don’t know everything yet, but where would the fun be in that!