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Jennifer Richardson
Post     Subject: Jacqueline Freeman - Planting for Bees - streaming video

This 30-minute streaming video by Jacqueline Freeman shares the best flowers to plant for healthy, happy bees, including information about planting for native bees as well as honeybees.

Jacqueline Freeman has owned a biodynamic farm since 2003, where she raises treatment-free honeybees. The farm and land embody a loving and respectful relationship with Nature. She and her husband hosted a hundred WWOOF interns through 2012. In 2013 they became a mentor farm for the Biodynamics Apprenticeship program and trained a dozen more future farmers. A writer and artist, she has been published in a number of nature magazines. She was hired by the USDA to work with rural beekeepers in the Dominican Republic and regularly speaks at agricultural conferences.

She is the author of a groundbreaking book on working respectfully with bees and nature. SONG OF INCREASE: Listening to the wisdom of honeybees for kinder beekeeping and a better world is available on her website, In 2017, Jacqueline co-founded a nonprofit,

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