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John C Daley
Post     Subject: diy built in evaporative cooling ideas (swamp cooler)

I am one who likes to make stuff.
If you search diy evaporative coolers you will find many examples of small ideas.
I chose to buy a secondhand unit and fit that, because it was so easy.
BUT, I have seen wind towers in the middle East and India where air is drawn out of the house via the tower and replacement air into the house is drawn from a cool courtyard with ponds.

cooling towers are similar but work backwards by being the source of the air into the house.
Membranes are installed high in the tower, water is applied to them and air is drawn through the membrane, down the tower and inside the house.
The is drawn down by ventilation systems which can draw air through the house.
Tony Hawkins
Post     Subject: diy built in evaporative cooling ideas (swamp cooler)

Curious if anyone has any ideas or can point me in the right direction.

I'm in a very arid high desert place with summer highs that can hit 100f. Swamp coolers are common here and work great. I'm designing a new home and rather than buy a stand-alone unit and plumb it into the home, I was wondering if there's any kind of built-in options. I was standing under a mist-sprayer the other day and thought about a tube used as an air inlet. It could have a mist nozzle in it, and then perhaps a screen before it hits the house so that any droplets would be caught before they made it into the interior. Any excess water could drain out and be used for gray water. Something, like that, anyway. Thanks so much!