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Tristan Vitali
Post     Subject: Goats and Hidden Fence (aka Invisible Fence type)

Thanks for sharing this - good to know we have options. I wonder if this could work with sheep too (probably not).

Extra points since you can fence your property to keep in the dogs AND goats for cheap Might be an excellent stop-gap when combined with living fence
Chris Kott
Post     Subject: Goats and Hidden Fence (aka Invisible Fence type)

Now is this the variety where you bury the perimeter wires? I am glad to hear that it works, but I would think one with a central transmitter unit would be more convenient. Install the central transmitter into their mobile shelter, move it when you move them, and bingo, you can have them browse to their hearts' content without worry that they will get out of the designated area.

But do please keep us updated. There was a discussion earlier last year about GPS-controlled shock collar controlled mob grazing, and I think the basic idea of being able to paddock your animals without needing to move more than a transmitter would benefit a great deal of people who might not otherwise be able to pasture their charges in as free a manner, or as well at all. I don't think that such a system necessarily needs to be computerized to the extent of GPS mapping, but the general premise is definitely worth some experimentation.

Good luck, and let us know!

David Livingston
Post     Subject: Goats and Hidden Fence (aka Invisible Fence type)

Hi Fred
is the fence still working ?

Travis Morgan
Post     Subject: Goats and Hidden Fence (aka Invisible Fence type)

Hello Fred,
Nice to see another Morgan in Costa Rica. As a side topic, let me know if you can recommend a good dealer here of the invisible fencing products? I can bring from the U.S., but easier if I can find it down here. Thank you,
Travis Morgan
(San Isidro)
rc jones
Post     Subject: Goats and Hidden Fence (aka Invisible Fence type)

My goats love to eat Jalapenos.
I lost a row of them to five goats in about two and a half minutes.
They preferred them to the tomatoes in the next row.
Fred Morgan
Post     Subject: Goats and Hidden Fence (aka Invisible Fence type)

Being moderately insane and just wanting to know if it would work, I got three milk goats for clearing brush, and put them out to pasture using a radio transmitter type of fence, with collar. A few facts, first of all, we have very good fences since we used to have sheep, secondly, we have a very secure place for them to sleep, with platforms, milking station, etc. So, the goats really can't go too far, and coyotes, etc can't get to them easily. Also, there is a worker near them all day long.

Saying that, the fence is working, in fact, the goats were easier to train than dogs in my opinion. One thing with animals in training is never assume they remember to the next day, until you get past about a week. Each day, they have to learn the lesson a little less. We take the collars off every night at milking - which is recommended for these systems so that sores don't develop.

Less painful than a true electric fence, and a heck of a lot cheaper. Granted, I already have really good woven fencing, but it wouldn't stop a determined goat. The goats have decided to leave the trees alone after we painted the bark with a mix of really hot pepper and water. We just harvest the ones falling from the tree (yes, peppers are a tree here, about 2 meters tall) put them in a container with water, and if the goats act like a tree bark is tasty, we paint it. End of problem. They can browse on all the leaves they want.

Our three goats are producing a little more than 2 gallons of milk per day, with two milkings. They are pretty young, so we are pleased, besides, I am not really after milk as much as for them to eat vines, brush, etc. - though I do like goat cheese when we make it (and we do consume all the milk)