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Brenda Groth
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maybe so but when it comes to the electrical part of it you should have that down pat eh? like building those solar panels.

I think it sounds like you have a wonderful start on your soil two years you probaby have nice soil going by now.

I just started reading a good book someone lent me yesterday called AnimalVegetableMiracle they have a .com with that name..they did a similar thing when they moved from AZ to VA..

what kinds of plants have you put in in the past two years?
I'm sure you'll love these forums..esp the first 2..they are great..
TCLynx Hatfield
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Ok here it is

I just found the forum today.  I've been trying to research nitrogen fixing plants for my zone/climate etc and trying to research/find specific plants that would be appropriate is kinda challenging.

Anyway, I found the forum and have done only a little reading so far here.  I'm in inland central Florida zone 9.  Moved into my starter home just over two years ago, completely sandy soil, the fine stuff that is able to repel water when it feels like it.  I've been building up the organic matter ever since.  I steal the neighbor's bagged leaves and grass clippings and go dump them in my yard (I know could have bad stuff sprayed on them but I gotta start somewhere.)  We humanure compost (gotta steal bagged leaves for that too.)  Most of the garden beds were started by the "lasagna" method using cardboard and mushroom compost (mushroom farm only 3 miles away.)  Now that I've made a start with my soil, I'd like to bring a little of the organic matter production home and get more plants growing that can provide the biomass for my soil.  I do also tell the tree services when I see them working in the area that they can dump chips in front of my house, handy to have a nice big pile of chipped up wood/leaves.  We also have some backyard chickens that we move their outdoor run to different parts of the yard to give them variety and improve the soil as they move.  Backyard eggs are soo good.  I just gotta hope that no neighbors complain since the county would probably make be get rid of them.

This past christmas I got some canning equipment and now the shelves are filling up with canned food.

And I have Aquaponics systems running that provide fish (catfish and tilapia) and veggies to eat.  I just wish I could afford enough solar panels to run the pumps right now.

Hum..... What else would be appropriate to a permie forum?  Oh I'm an audio engineer/lighting tech/stagehand by profession which is about as far from agriculture as one can usually get.
Brenda Groth
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Maybe you could tell us a little bit more about yourself..there is an introduction post in "meaningless drivel" at the bottom of the forum list.
kicshovavioth McCoy
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hiya everyone!
was looking for something and i came across you guys. nice comunity u got here, I wanna be a part of it ^^