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Morgan Morrigan
Post     Subject: Intl Legume Database

There is a link to an html browsable sister site down below.


There is also a downloadable app, so you can set up searches on your computer, without having to send em in, and wait.

Dont see a downloadable database tho. Might have it in the app.

I didn't have any luck with common names at all.
But am always looking for desert N fixers, and this gives me the worlds supply.

They are also doing a root nodulation project, but i can't find it on either site.

Root Nodulation

ILDIS currently has two root nodulation projects.

Joe Kirkbride (USDA) is creating a database that records the presence or absence of root nodules.

Janet Sprent (University of Dundee) is compiling data, not only on nodulation, but on various nodule characters, such as structure, morphology, mode of infection and, where possible, type(s) of rhizobia.

Further information on root nodulation projects

William James
Post     Subject: Intl Legume Database

Could you give me an idea of how you would use this tool, and why it's so cool?

I can search for things, but I need to know the name first. I wish it had a browse function, so I could look at pictures.

I'm such a nuuub.

Morgan Morrigan
Post     Subject: Intl Legume Database

oh my, the web is much cheaper
Morgan Morrigan
Post     Subject: Intl Legume Database

Wicked cool tool !