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C Mouse
Post     Subject: Excited! Spring is near!

Hooray! Congrats! I'm excited too!

I have about 75 tomatoes of various types, mostly paste. 25 basil. I have a bunch of celery and parsley. Around 30 peppers, oregano, thyme, catnip, etc. I got a few dozen lettuce seeds in today too.

We have a short seasons o everything gets started indoors early. Pretty excited!
Jennifer Lowery
Post     Subject: Excited! Spring is near!

I sowed 8 square feet of Detroit Red Beets, directly.  Did I bother spacing them? No.. they are cheap seed i scattered them all over half my raised garden bed then covered with dirt.  Same with 4 square feet of assortment lettuces.

Got 4 square feet (a row) sowed at the trellis of English Snow Peas.  Sowed 2 square feet of cilantro seeds.. many.. scattered just like the beets and lettuce... i'm lazy.  I have a huge bag of split ciltanro I got for microgreens.

Indoors I have the following seedlings groiwng the past 2 weeks or so.. brassicas (6 diff kale, kohlrabi, arugula).. 6 varieties of indeterminate tomatos (4 saved from tomatoes last year including my very great yielding Beefmaster).  Eggplant.. Thai chiles. Ghost peppers.  72 cells of French Marigold saved from flowers from 2 different plants last year.  I sowed like 5 seeds per cell since i find them hard to germinate.. I want a lot of marigolds all over

I also planted a tray of tokyo green onion. Probably a hundred or so.