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Raven Murphy
Post     Subject: Newb wanting to homestead near LA?

I live in Ventura County. Ojai has off grid homes...
I found this link, perhaps you could consult them regarding this issue.
Rebecca Fussner
Post     Subject: Newb wanting to homestead near LA?

I'm not off-grid but learning I'm in Azusa. Typical little house, moderate yard. Started composting 2 years ago. Getting better with practice. Must be doing something right.. stuff is actually coming up Mr dirt was so poor it was hydrophibic. Got a new worm bin.  mostly making little changes and sticking to them. One step at a time will a homestead make.
Paul Bats
Post     Subject: Newb wanting to homestead near LA?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has experience on living off grid near LA? I've been looking at land in Ventura County but I'm not sure if the restrictions there or if it's possible.

If anybody has experience with it or recommend somewhere different that isn't too far out or complete desert please let me know, any advice is appreciated