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Ben House
Post     Subject: Anybody know what counties in Georgia?

I am in East Tennessee, but I have built several houses in North Georgia. (Carpenter)

Generally the counties are fine, I helped build an off-grid mountain house in Lafayette Ga. The owner had a rain water catchment system and solar setup. If you are looking in subdivisions you will find HOAs and Restrictions, you will need to pick an area you like and drive around it. Look for individual plots of land that are not in a development. This needs to be done in person, almost everything that you will find on the internet will be in a development community and have restrictions.

Last time I looked there were plenty of places in N. Georgia that were restriction free. But then again, prices have went through the roof.
Paul Bats
Post     Subject: Anybody know what counties in Georgia?

Are good for off grid homestead? I keep running into HOAs and restrictions