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Craig Dobbson
Post     Subject: Tap water good for goldfish??

It all depends on your tap water. Well water without chlorine works fine as long as the ph is within the range they like. In my experience with fish tanks, I've had a lot of luck with leaving the water to de-gas for a day or so before putting the fish in it, if you have municipal (chlorinated) water. While they will tolerate the chlorine to some degree, it always good to remember that a living fish is not always a happy fish. Happy fish make much better companions. Not to mention that the bacteria and other critters in the water won't tolerate the Chlorine as well as the fish do. I used to keep and breed fancy fish as a hobby and water quality was the biggest factor in ending up with good quality fish and babies.
Neal McSpadden
Post     Subject: Tap water good for goldfish??

Yeah, goldfish are tough little guys and can generally handle the chlorine.
Kenny Garcia
Post     Subject: Tap water good for goldfish??

So i recently built myself an aquaponics system (really small) anyway when i went to buy the goldfish the guy told me that tap water was bad and should be avoided but i ended up using tap water just to see what would happen and the fish turned out fine. Just thought i mention that, feel free to comment and leave your thoughts, thanks.

Heres some pictures by the way of my system.