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jeremiah bailey
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Heh. I have no qualms about holding something for the first person to show up with cash or agreed trade. I figure if the person who asked for the hold wanted it more than the person who shows up with cash, they'd have came sooner. I can't think of anyone around here who does holds, unless you offer them more. If you're motivation is to sell the item, then you should always consider the first person who shows up with cash in hand. Just a polite "It'll be here for the first person to show up with payment," is all it takes. If they're waiting on a paycheck or day off, just ask them to call when they have both the time and money. This is a kind of a show of integrity on your part, politely showing your intent to be fair. It also generally culls out those who would otherwise waste your precious time.

I agree that it is a sad state that our society is in. Nobody respects anybody anymore. Can you blame anyone? How can we when we're all bombarded with stories about how our neighbor did this or that in the news. At its root, the mentality is brethren to the mentality about taking from the earth without putting back. The parents are greed and politics.
Leah Sattler
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sorry about your freind brenda

I have had good luck with craigslist. I think that the more expensive the item the more trouble you have. people say they want something while sitting on their couch with a bong and then come to the realization they have no way of actually aquiring it. it is a snapshot of society unfortunatly. both the entitlment people feel...just assuming I want it I can have it......and the overall rude and disrespectful attitude people have towards others time and effort.

I had a goat for sale on craigslist recently. a lady called and  I swear I almost had to just hang up on her! she asked me if I would take trades. I said well...tell me what you got!.......she fired off some things I have zero need or want clothes and stuff.......and I said no thanks, I could use fencing materials, lumber etc......and if you think of something I might be interested in give me a call. she kept me on the phone trying to think of something to trade. I reminded her several times she could call me if she thought of something....and finally I said....look I gotta go! she started to tell me she wanted it and to hold it when it was obvious she didn't have a clue how she could pay for it. no way.
Brenda Groth
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Oh I wasn't complaining about craigslist..if it had not been for craigslist I would not have sold my MIL's house..which we were very grateful for as 2 real estate agents over 2 years never showed it once.

and i have sold a lot of things on craigslist..but like you said in the author post, people call and never show up..I've had that happen dozens of times..and then had one scam try to take advantage of me, but I was wise enough not to bite.

I have seen a lot of things that weren't good going on in our area ..regarding people being alone showing houses or selling things..several were off of it does tend to make one a little leary of what is going on out there.

the girl that was killed was a friend of mine.

sure people can just drive down the road....or walk in for that the 3 murderers actually walked through our woods 20 feet from our house to get to the abandoned house behind us..sure they could have come here and held us up instead.

but it does make you realize that you need to operate with caution whether it be craigslist or just life.
paul wheaton
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I think craigslist isn't the problem, so much as the people and our overall society.

After all, you can advertise in other places. 

And the bad guys are there whether they use craigslist or not.  They could just as easily cruise by your house - that doesn't mean we should take out the road - or stop using the road.

Craigslist helps me get my ad in front of heaps of people really fast.  The problem is:  people in general think it is okay to blow off a commitment with a stranger.  I suspect that they call somebody and say "hold it for me" and then call somebody else and say the same thing .... they might do this five times and then go get the last item and think nothing of the previous four people - each of which may be turning away other offers because they are holding the item.

I think craigslist just helps us get a clearer snapshot of society.

Brenda Groth
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i have had a similar exerpience with craiglist..although I have managed to sell alot of stuff on there..MIL's house for one..and a lot of appliances and furnishings.

But it was such a hassel i removed the other items i had for sale and haven't gone back.

also with the scares and warnings going on now about people coming to your house and either robbing or killing you..i had second thoughts.

i am an interior designer by trade..but live in a remote area..and did have many times where I would be concerned about following up on a possible client because I would be in a remote area alone with them and they were questionable our area a few years back we had a real estate agent brutally murdered showing a home nearby, and the person was never caught..and 2 houses away 3 murderes were captured by police holing up in an empty home.

kinda makes you think i really want strangers in my home..or me in theirs
paul wheaton
Post     Subject: craigslist flake factor

I'm beginning to suspect that integrity is something only for chumps.

I decided to lighten my load a bit and get rid of some bigger things I don't need.  So I posted ads on craigslist. 

What a hassle.

People call and say they are on their way.  And they don't show up.

People want me to hold it for them for two days, but never show. 

I tried buying a freezer last fall.  I bought five.  Because the first four flaked out. 

Now I feel like I'm a bit rude when I tell people "contact me before you are coming out and I'll tell you if I still have it."  I feel okay with telling somebody that I'll hold it for an hour.

I guess I like the idea that if somebody says "I'll be there at six to buy it" they show up at six and buy it.