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Nicole Alderman
Post     Subject: Work Trade for the 2022 Garden Master Course

Work Trade for the 2022 Garden Master Course

Work trade for Garden master course

Thinking about coming to the Certified Garden Master CourseWheaton Labs, but you'd like more knowledge and experience under your belt before the event...and you'd like to save a little cash? A work trade through the Permaculture Bootcamp might be just the ticket!

Permaculture Bootcamp is a way to learn permaculture and homesteading skills by doing epic to make things even better at Wheaton Labs for Boots.

How Many Weeks?

  6 weeks in the bootcamp in exchange for a ticket to one event

(If you're interested in work/trades for the summer events, check out this thread)

The Event

Certified Garden Master Course
garden master course at wheaton labs

With the Certified Garden Master course, you will learn organic, veganic, no-till, and permaculture gardening knowledge and skills. This course will focus on soil and habitat-building for beneficial organisms and systems thinking for gardeners and farmers: how to manage relationships rather than just crops.

Our goal is to understand ecological functions and interactions within plant, soil, microorganism, and insect communities. You will learn how to identify and manage all the relationships that make up a healthy farm-garden-ecosystem--one that does not require pesticides or large off-farm fertilizer inputs .

When to Arrive

November 28th or sooner! Coming earlier is far better so that you can assure you have a spot at the event!

How to Join

To get in on the work trade, you gotta fork over $100 - unless you have already been here for anything in the past.   In which case, the work trade is entirely free.    And then there is the part where the bootcamp has a waiting list.  So to do the work trade, you need to get on the waiting list and then get selected.   This means that you might want to put in your time in the bootcamp this year so you can attend events next year.

To learn more about the permaculture bootcamp, including the $100 thing, click here