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Valan Anthos
Post     Subject: Farming in the extreme cold:

and I think I've got it hard here in the more mild part of Montana in the teens, thanks for the perspective!
Thomas Michael
Post     Subject: Farming in the extreme cold:

Thanks for the recommendation.  She has an interesting channel.
Thomas Dean
Post     Subject: Farming in the extreme cold:

I recently stumbled onto these documentary videos taken in Yakutia (Northern Russia/Siberia)
I thought that this farming one had some interesting ideas that are similar to what I see posted around here:

*Barn built of round timbers - floor also looks like the cows are standing on a floor of round logs?
*Manure around barn to insulate
*Walking cattle to the lake for water due to lack of running water

This is the 2nd by this youtuber that I have viewed: I plan to watch more, time permitting.