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Saralee Couchoud
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Beautiful. Thank you
Gary Kersen
Post     Subject: market garden playing cards e-book download

Absolutely beautiful!  A great addition to my library. Thank you.
Angela Wilcox
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Beautiful artistry and educational too.
Beau Davidson
Post     Subject: market garden playing cards e-book download

Get these gorgeous cards all mashed together into a handy dandy e-book.

This deck of cards was illustrated and designed by the incomparably talented Scott Hebert, with information hand-picked by the glorious Diego Footer.  

After purchasing this .pdf file, you can download it right from the bottom of this post.

Love these cards???  

Impress your game-night guests!  
Wow your gardener friends!  
Quiz your students!  

All by ordering your very own
physical deck of
Market Garden Playing Cards

    Diego Footer is best known for his farm podcasts such as Farm Small Farm Smart and Grassfed Life.  Over the past ten years, Diego has traveled across the country to tell the stories of hundreds of farmers while inspiring thousands of people to start farming.  

    Diego is also the founder and owner of the farm tool companies Paperpot Co. and Modern Grower.  He recently co-authored the book Ready Farmer One.  

    In his spare time, he is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, engineer, finance nerd, product designer, and writer.   While all those things, he is a dad first and lives with his family in San Diego.  Get inspired or have a laugh by following him on Instagram @diegofooter.

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