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Morgan Morrigan
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And the hydrogen stepping may only work in a gravity well, here they show it may only step energy levels under influence of grav.

The theory here isn't "free" energy. You need a "pulse" to step the hydrogen up the isotope chain. Interesting how it can be just about any form of EM tho. RF, amps, visible light, whatever you have handy.

Make a lot more sense than having to have everything higher than iron made in supernovas. This process allows all the alkali metals and most of the other elements at the "cusp" of the next group in the periodic tables to be used as feedstocks for other elements. something has to account for the lithium problem.....
There are several more exceptions to Madelung's rule among the heavier elements, and it is more and more difficult to resort to simple explanations such as the stability of half-filled subshells.

Kari Gunnlaugsson
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Dave Turpin wrote:

Continue to delude yourself. I'm out.

Thanks for the links and the background on how this story got started, Dave. 'Free Energy' tech is the modern equivalent of the Philosopher's Stone, and the allure is at least as great as that once held by seems as though Alchemy is alive and well.
Morgan Morrigan
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just parking this here, looks like SiC , which is used as a substrate to build graphene on, also works as a "ladder" as in the Brill process, using light and radio.
Seems to show that sweeping the EM with pulses works better than just straight voltages.
Dave Turpin
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Joseph Pierce wrote:Dave Turpin,

Is reading posts off a Permaculture website not research, too?

No, it is not. If I wrote a paper on Permaculture and used this website as a source I would promptly be given a failing grade. Lacking any scholarly articles on the subject I would have no choice but to repeat the experiments myself using the scientific method.

I have done the actual research for you, explaining the real science that was conducted by MHI, but you continue to cite internet drivel as science to continue a pointless discussion about something that can never happen.

Continue to delude yourself. I'm out.
Morgan Morrigan
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LENR outlook and links.
Not Brillouin specific, but has links to most of the studies.

Joseph Pierce
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I'm glad to see you are pleased with plasma science. Once we study the theory a bit so many things start to make sense. A huge creative explosion for how we can apply this energy.

I started another Electric Universe thread that deals with Electroculture/Magnetoculture applications in agriculture settings.

To get a good outlook on basic Electric Universe theory, I recommend watching the "Thunderbolts of the Gods" documentary. Only about an hour in length.

Have fun!

Morgan Morrigan
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the Thunderbird has landed !

always good to see you on the science sites! Start another thread on the Electric Universe please.

Again, Brillouin Energy Co is forcing the hydrogen to undergo an isotopic change, by "creating" neutrons, and that at the end of the reaction, it gives off a phonon of heat, and occasionally collapses "up" into an element of helium.

That transmutation is happening, so other transmutations should also possible , at low power, by starting with different feedstocks. No point in working all the way up from hydrogen, for other elements, but going to lithium would be very financially rewarding. Helium itself is getting more rare, and even dueterium enriched water is over 100 bucks a liter.

am exploring technique for electrolysis over at sci madness website. serious experimenters on there. They are very amused by me !!

the real trick is getting a simple thermoelectric conversion going, so you can capture the heat to electricity for storage, instead of "wasting" it into the atmosphere. Benzene, Graphene, maybe molybdnum, and indium all work for that, but doing nano assembly for current capture is tricky.
Except for Indium, that you can just set in the sun. VERY pricey tho.

Dave Turpin
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YouTube videos and .com websites are not research.

While it is true that plasma can include any particle, it doesn't change the fact that you cannot pull energy out of the aether with anything that exists on earth.

Quantum physics show that it should be possible to pull energy out of the universe, or even create new universes, but in order to do so you need to simulate the conditions that existed at the time of the Big Bang.

The supercollider at CERN is the most powerful collider ever built and it can barely produce free quarks. Not for free, either. The idea that you can better CERN in a small lab is absurd.

Again, here is the real science: if you diffuse deuterium through metal films you can get the deuterium to give up its extra neutron to the metal (slowly). The metal isotopes then become new elements by beta-minus decay. That's it. No free energy.
Joseph Pierce
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[Plasma only involves electrons and ions.
Thats right ions, not even neutrons and protons.]

That's incorrect. When you especially have something like dense plasmoid "z-pinch," that involves neutrons.

Plasma state involves charged particles which include, and not limited to, protons as well.

Have you read the research links I provided?
S Bengi
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Plasma only involves electrons and ions.
Thats right ions, not even neutrons and protons.

Whereas nuclear also includes sub-electron/neutron/proton particles
Things such quarks, neutrinos, leptons.

Joseph Pierce
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Solar energy and storing lightening energy is the same thing.

In the conventional gravity-centered, nuclear sun model, of course these devices could only be defined in the very narrow, limited sense: nuclear energy. But "nuclear" energy is really highly interactive plasma phenomena.
S Bengi
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So what I am hearing is that this is a low temp nuclear reactor.
They enrich some H then they let it undergo nuclear action and energy is released in the process. Makes sense to me.
I know that some marble countertop, that are un-enriched have radiation.
And that even the air/oxygen has radioactive isotope. That we could enrich and use. Would it have a net positive energy gain?

For now I will just stick to what is available, biomass and solar maybe even wind/hydro.
Solar energy or even capturing and storing lightening energy makes more feasible to me.
Joseph Pierce
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Hello. Newcomer here. Thought I'd drop in and share some of my research that might make things on this post a bit clearer.

The OP's research ideas CAN work, if and only if we start to perceive the universe, including the earth in an electric paradigm. That is, start to view the world as plasma physicists do.

I've been doing a lot of study on this science. It's pretty groundbreaking, because it shatters the mainstream scientific paradigm; that is, most of the our energy being gravity-centered. Well, it isn't. The emerging paradigm is of an Electric Universe. A universe consisting of 99.9999% plasma.

So, remaining on topic, we have inventors who have indeed been producing, in relatively small corners, devices that can literally pull the aetheric (plasma) energy into the device to power it in a clean way.

Here are some great links to start study, if you haven't been totally aware of it.

YouTube site -

YouTube link which deals exclusively with Space Weather in an Electric Universe paradigm - - Walter Russell's work - This is not a hoax, but this can only be done with plasma present and harnessed properly

Here is a great site I use to monitor updates of new free energy technologies -

This is the true alchemy here.

It's the emerging scientific paradigm, the way out of the current problem-ridden gravity-powered, hydrogen-star-bomb, Big Bangy scientific paradigm. Time for a reboot.

My study now presently involves how to come up with good ways to harness good plasma devices into permaculture practices. This is the "atmospheric energy," the aether we could pull good, clean energy from. I think this combination would present new ways to practice permaculture, whilst also upgrading current paradigm practices. I for one am not totally supportive of eradicating electricity. I think good ol' Tesla gave us a gift, a legacy he would love to see upgraded and used efficiently. While I do support, in part, a permaculture "archaic revival" (that is, getting back to how our ancestors lived), I also support moving forward, not always giving total credence to ancient permaculture/agricultural methods, just BECAUSE they're "ancient." Appealing to traditions doesn't automatically qualify it as totally true or totally efficient. There's always ways to upgrade, as I'm sure you would agree.

Best regards

Dave Turpin
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Nope, it's a hoax. Bother to read the real, scholarly paper about it, instead of all the hoaky, spun-off stuff.

The funniest part is that the real research was done by MHI, but then hoaxers said it was Mitsubishi (automotive) because they don't know the difference. Then, in the next hoax, suddenly Toyota and Subaru are in on it.

I'll bet that soon General Motors will be in on it. And then someone will confuse this and General Electric will be doing the research. Then GE will become Westighouse and it will all turn out to be "research by Nikola Tesla covered up by the government and UFOs".
Morgan Morrigan
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the reaction is supposed to run off heat, and here they show it running off sunlight also
dont know if the catalysts were required or not.
here they come at it from another angle, and werent testing for helium.
Morgan Morrigan
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it's because they are forcing dueterium , instead of just using hydrogen. It is all about the DC pulsing, and figuring out an optimization of the frequencies there.
This could pay for itself just in helium and dueterium production, with hot water as just a byproduct.
Trying to figure out the thermoelectric conversion is looking tougher....

Dont think Brillouin/Gode is a hoax. They are working on finding out variables right now, it seems to fluctuate with solar/magnetosphere induction rates day/night also.

Math is solid, extra helium production is unexplainable, and elemental changes should be easier if not using super stable orthogonal faced metals.

what it is really interesting to me is to see the Yb showup , to jump to the Lanth/actinides that easy is curious with standard abundances.

That same exotics will show up in a Pd rod just put in ultrapure water with some electricity to it.
There is some truly cool science out there with this tech.
Dave Turpin
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wayne stephen wrote:It worries me for the Earth when these things are conducted in high security/high tech labs. It worries me even more that my hillbilly neighbors might try this at home. Hillbillies can do some pretty cool stuff but not nanotechnology. A freind of mine put a leather Lazy Boy recliner up a tree for a deer stand - very Hillbilly cool ! If that guy ever plugs anything into Ac or Dc current and tells me he's about to transmute elements , I am out of there !

Well, you have nothing to worry about. This whole talk about Brillouin energy is an internet hoax. If you do a search you will find that, in fact, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (not the carmaker) DOES have a physicist named Yashurio Iwamura, and he DOES conduct work in low-energy nuclear transmutation:

Read the article, though. He is not making dueterium or tritium by some simple process. He simply shows that diffusing deuterium through various metallic films causes some spontaneous transmutations of those metals into heavier elements.

The process is by no means free, and you don't need to worry about somebody doing this in the backwoods of Kentucky. They first need to create a facility that can enrich deuterium (aka heavy water), which can only be done on a massive industrial scale to yield anything useful. (Note, again, the dueterium is not CREATED, it is a naturally occuring isotope of hydrogen which makes up about 1/3 of a percent of all hydrogen in out solar system)

Diffuse the dueterium through, say, Strontium over a several week period and you start to see some Bismuth come out of it. The concentrations are quite low, however, and it would actually take millions of years to completely transmute the metal.

This is completely REAL science that has, unfortunately, been warped by the internet into something it isn't.
Morgan Morrigan
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Well, someone just posted a paper on exactly the method for particle creation i just spewed.

Amazing how fast they can catch up..... sweet !

Quenches and lattice simulators for particle creation
wayne stephen
Post     Subject: Brillouin Energy and Alchemy - results

It worries me for the Earth when these things are conducted in high security/high tech labs. It worries me even more that my hillbilly neighbors might try this at home. Hillbillies can do some pretty cool stuff but not nanotechnology. A freind of mine put a leather Lazy Boy recliner up a tree for a deer stand - very Hillbilly cool ! If that guy ever plugs anything into Ac or Dc current and tells me he's about to transmute elements , I am out of there !
Morgan Morrigan
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As to what is so cool about the transmutation of elements, think about the shortage of Rare Earth Elements right now.

These aren't actually rare, they are just really messy to get OUT of dirt. It is one of the most toxic of the refining processes, using literally TONS of water, in multiple floatation series, and lots of chemicals and catalysts to produce stuff pure enough to use in mixes as alloys. Every single one of the mining and refinery area's in the US was shut down because they were some of the worst polluters in the US.

Now imagine you can just take cobalt, or magnesium or aluminum, and transmute it directly into whatever element you actually need.

These don't have to be from new mines either. Can be distilled out of sea water, or just use mine tailings and waste piles from existing mines and refineries.

Most existing toxic waste is actually heavy metals, and can be purified by electrochem right onto anodes you can process directly into needed elements also.

The other benefit of this is for 3D printing.

This allows you to make the feedstocks, and produce manufactured parts right in your own neighborhood, without incurring the costs and wastes of transporting both raw materials and finished goods from one location to another.

It also allows you to deposit the metals onto the anodes in a crystal formation, making it easy to process right at home, rather than having to purchase sheet or rod stock, and melt or shred it down to particle size.

Imagine ALL the waste products now produced, to be feedstocks for direct 3D printing, with locally made parts of plastic and metal.

This allows small family businesses to compete directly with multinational corps, and the Web for business, while employing locally , and cleaning up all the dumps at the same time !

and if you have to clean the soil...

Morgan Morrigan
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As to why this is better than a solar future.

Solar electric is stranded in a huge quagmire of patents, and as of now uses huge amounts of infrastructure and toxic chems to make cells that break down pretty quickly in sunlight and heat.

There is something we are studying on the asteroid mining group (neamines @ yahoo,com), of going to nano solar.

This is a combination of nano towers, and nano wells, and is basically just using carbon built up on a conducting base with tiny holes in it as solar cells.
Photons rattle around in the towers until they slow down enough to drop into the holes.
This allows you use ALL the incoming radiation, infrared, visible, and UV, in the panels, so they don't reflect off the other stuff, as they do now.

you can make these at home, with just a sheet of copper foil, and some aluminum foil as a silkscreen for graphite nanotowers right now.

in the future, we will use graphene as the base, with different versions of it to make the nano wells (defects). Nano towers will be made of carbon nanotubes looking like a grassland.
They just made the first joining of a nano tube to a graphene base in a paper last week. it took awhile to get it to attach to a six sided hexagon, don't know the details yet.

It is also possible to make the nano tubes directly from CO2 in the air, to help scrub it out of the atmosphere, to help reduce global warming. Graphene seems to need liquids or pressure, but not the high temp sputtering currently used.

You can make graphene by compressing graphite between rollers against poly sheet, or by flowing methanol over metal at 150 f or c.

The other breakthru was that the structure of a broken benzene ring also creates electricity directly from heat.
Imagine those hexagons , with the edges connecting to each other offset from a direct chain. ( think the SE and SW corners, instead of due south)
as heat moves down the chain, it goes slower on the east or west side ( the side opposite of the SE or SW connector) because it has to go a tiny bit further as it goes down the chain.
This actually produces an electric charge !
It is small, but each chain produces some, and this can be made as a paint, for a roof, or car, or exhaust pipe , or circuit board or transistor case.

The real kicker is that this "chain" shape, is actually the same as the "edge" of graphene in it's "armchair" configuration. That means we will be able to use ribbons of graphene as the same heat to electrical (thermoelectric) systems, without having to put a lot of benzene out into the environment. The other cool thing about graphite in ribbon and sheet form, is that water will stick to the surface, and offset from itself automatically, the distance necessary for it to be used as a battery. self assembling batteries from carbon and water - wow.

other ribbons of graphene in the "fence" configuration (N to South connections) is a room temperature superconductor, and can be used as wires, with now line losses (resistance)

Essentially almost ALL waste heat produced by electronics and mechanical systems can be reclaimed directly as electricity.
Morgan Morrigan
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It's pretty straight forward.

You take a plate or tube of Nickle or Pt or Pd, hook up a low voltage DC pulse to it, and it starts to heat up, by converting water into it's isotopes of Deuterium, Tritium, then Quadrium.
That instantly decays into Helium , producing heat, and NO radioactivity. No neutrino's or alpha, beta, or gamma rays involved, just a phonon that is infrared energy.

this only uses a thimblefull of water, it's not a chemical reaction, it just uses the pulses of DC to move the electrons up the valence shells (orbits) of the hydrogen atom.

The really strange part of this, is that to do that, it is actually "creating" neutrons, to make the new isotopes. This just shows that neutrons are either coming out of the "quantum foam" that is the background of the universe in Loop Quantum Gravity theory (Rovelli), or that they are coming thru from another universe that exists right next to ours in Brane theory, or also called the "multiverse" theory.

Either way, it gives us a new view of cosmology and gravity, that we haven't been able to test for up till now .

It also probably invalidates the "particle zoo" theory that is in use right now.
It is one of the side effects of LQG, that most of the stuff they find in the LHC and other accelerators are going to turn out to be electrons that have a lot of "velocity" when they come thru the "branes", and are actually just spin states of either photons or the afore mentioned electrons. So there is prob no such thing as a "neutron", it is just an interference pattern of an electric attraction between electrons and protons (protons may actually be photons without any inertia)
(my speculations above)

Most of astrophysics is actually based on isotopes. Dating of stars, planetary systems, comets, geology, chemistry , etc.
There is going to be a huge shake up there.

The other cool thing, is that i have been putting forward the idea that if this was indeed happening, that it was also actually transmutation of elements, the "philosophers stone" of alchemy.

This was shown when Mitsubishi was re-doing the trials of the Brillouin/Rossi/Covelli experiment, and they used some other metals in the mix to see if it was just Nickle that was making the heat reaction. (details of the experiment are still not posted up ?)

If you look at the reactions on the Mitsubishi story, you can see which elements were transmuted into other elements.

If you look at the Adomah periodic table , you can see why they went to those elements. They jumped from the bottom of one column, to the top of another.
Why that happend will be article food for the next decade of scientists.

wayne stephen
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May I play the Devils' Advocate? In the past Kentucky was known for its' Moonshine and now is known for methamphetamine production. The waste products of this drug trade are found all over. In the woods , pastures , homes , trailers. Kentucky has more ground water than any other state. So all of this toxic nastiness is going to end up in the watershed. Not exactly a sustainable industry. So when I hear about the future of element transmutation and small scale nuclear this and that it makes me think of the waste products . Is there any place for these chemicals in a sustainable lifestyle ? Where do they go after you are done making gold or free electricity ? Morgan , I know the area where you live. I grew up close by - lived in Jerome for awhile , Family in Cottonwood. I have fished and hiked almost every foot of the Verde River . Bald Eagles nest there. Riperian areas are fragile and precious in the arid desert. Would cadmium and other metals end up in the Verde and Salt? Tonto Creek and Agua Fria? Where you are recieves 350+ days of straight sunshine yearly. Passive solar , cooling towers , solar panels . The valley you live in was made for those. Can you explain why we should take such environmental risks for benefits so easily achieved more sustainably ? Thank You - Save Our Desert !
Dale Hodgins
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Morgan, a sinopsis would be helpful. I've checked out a few of these links that you bring us and often leave without finding out what they're on about. Do you sometimes do this for comedic reasons or are all of these subjects of interest to you ?
Morgan Morrigan
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Looks like Mitsubishi just reproduced Toyotas experiments of the Brill/Rossi/Defkalion nickle power, and showed that they also got transmutation.

Looks the nuetron synthesis does create/transmute elements

and the easiest way to figure out your feedstocks.

We had a discussion/rant about this earlier.