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Joseph Fields
Post     Subject: Regional forum break down suggestion.

I live in Ky, what region I belong to depends on who you ask. Thats why I think a state or growing zone would be nice.
Craig Dobbson
Post     Subject: Regional forum break down suggestion.

How about this:

A section for each planting zone, so people of similar climate and coordinate info.

A section for people to communicate with those close in proximity.

So for me there might be a section for "zone 5a" so that I could trade info on plants and weather conditions with other zone 5a Permies all over the world, AS WELL AS a separate section for Northern New England/Southeastern Canada so that we might coordinate local meet-ups or plant trades with folks nearby.

The current "east coast" cover a huge swath of area and every possible zone and climate. It's rare that anything in there is relevant to me specifically.

Just a thought.

It may also be useful to be able to search for other Permies by location. (so long as folks provide their location info). How cool would it be to have a map with everyone's projects available to view? Like Google maps with a permaculture search function.

Cris Bessette
Post     Subject: Regional forum break down suggestion.

It seems like everything has it's dividers and it's groupers.
For example, scientists involved with taxonomy or classification of flora/fauna are well known for this pull between dividing and grouping.

In my personal opinion, making increasingly smaller divisions of an internet forum could lead to a loss of focus and unnecessary complication.

If someone discusses a certain subject on the "Tennessee" forum, and someone on the "North Carolina" forum doesn't notice, and then starts a similar subject-
You end up with similar knowledge in two places, bits and pieces spread around. However, as it is now, one can discuss a subject in the SouthEast region forum and
those people from TN and NC that share regional and climatic zones,etc. can mutually benefit from each other's knowledge.

To me, state lines are more or less arbitrary to the subject of permaculture (not to mention, of not much use to our international members)

Just my opinion.

Joseph Fields
Post     Subject: Regional forum break down suggestion.

Is there any way to put a break down of each state under the regional forums?