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Jaxon Faught
Post     Subject: 29 Male NEOhio Looking for Compatibility

Sounds like we would have a lot to talk about. I have 140 acres in North Eastern New Mexico and have had many of the same thoughts and ideas. If this is an area in Which you'd like to pursue this I'd like to talk with you further.
Thao Nguyen
Post     Subject: 29 Male NEOhio Looking for Compatibility

Hey there, I am an international student coming to Cleveland and really want to learn about permaculture. Story of why I move to the US instead of staying where I grew up is long but nonetheless I am quite certain in my long-term desire to explore permaculture and change a bit of the world, even just a little corner of my university farm. I don't have a lot of experience with agriculture yet so prolly wouldn't be able to contribute to productive discussion with you, but I still want to reach out in case we might find some situations where a connection might be mutually beneficial. Maybe if you host a workshop for students or need volunteers to help with labor, hey I'm here!

I'll be at Case Western Reserve University btw.
Andra Haynes
Post     Subject: 29 Male NEOhio Looking for Compatibility

Hey there I am looking for something similar, in a few ways but especially to develop a rural intentional community with good folks. Im currently on the opposite corner of Ohio from you (cincinnati) but think eastern ohio would be a good place to move to. Currently own a small city homestead with orchard and livestock. If you wanna talk about your dreams feel free to pm me
W. Hazel
Post     Subject: 29 Male NEOhio Looking for Compatibility

Hi alex! I would love to connect
Please PM me!
Robert Maddox
Post     Subject: 29 Male NEOhio Looking for Compatibility

Hi Alex. I have a small farm in NW CT and looking to build community. Enjoyed reading your post. Feel free to email me and lets see if we might be able to create together.
Alex Michaud
Post     Subject: 29 Male NEOhio Looking for Compatibility

I'm posting here hoping to find someone who I can relate to about the things that are most important to me, someone whose orientation towards relating with the universe is compatible with mine, someone who I could potentially work with towards the achievement of shared goals. Maybe I am also looking for a more primal connection just to have some mutually desirable company while stuck in this world full of war against true growth.

Things that are most important to me are..
- habitat/environments which can provide successfully what a wide diversity of inhabitants need to survive and be healthy, without requiring indefinite reliance on extraction and import of resources from elsewhere.
- the water cycle and the dance of water through environments which clean and enhance the vitality of water
- opportunities for people, especially youth, to have firsthand experiences of functional habitat and community and opportunities for them to explore any questions and ideas those experiences bring up for them (without the need to pay for those opportunities)
- direct, voluntary, mutually beneficial relationships
- truth, accuracy, growth, learning, and preference of harmony over dissonance when reasonable

Some of my goals are..
- to create habitat which can provide successfully what a wide diversity of inhabitants need to survive and be healthy, without requiring indefinite reliance on extraction and import of resources from elsewhere, as well as to encourage clean and thorough cycling and presence of water through that environment
- to host free workshops related to designing and creating human habitats that enhance biodiversity, biomass, symbiosis, and integrity of energy cycling systems
- to build a megalithic structure using geopolymers which is covered in depictions that are as literal as possible of symbiosis and fundamental principles of all things (such as relational difference as the nature of form expression)
- to design this structure for astronomical observation, hosting gatherings and workshops related to learning and innovation, and storing seeds and literature in a passively maintained micro-climate
- to share deep and cumulative love and partnership with someone and raise children together in the context of a healthy environment and community
- to experiment with resonance geometry based technologies utilizing only local or fully recycled resources

I know this often is seen as highly idealistic and I am not describing this as what I expect to happen in my life, this is just the direction I am trying to orient myself in, in order to travel that way as far as I am able.
That said, I think it is important to be open about things which are not ideal, and as anyone who interacts with me would find out quickly, I have so far not had much success fitting myself and the direction I want to move in with the world as it currently exists. I do not personally believe that adapting to everything is always good, so I am trying to remain aimed at what I believe is right, rather than what is expected of me from the corrupt context I was born into. Whether or not that will amount to anything significant, I cannot say. This existence for me is both extremely depressing and extremely fascinating and beautiful. As of right now I am back in my parent's house in a city trying to figure out what to do next (beyond just continuing to learn and practice my skills), so I think in this context it would make sense for me to either find connection with someone who lives near me (in the area around Cleveland, Ohio) or someone who wants to plan for and work together towards a future in a more rural context where there is space to actually begin creating locally productive ecological habitat.

Here's what I look like

also here is a picture of my chickens

Thanks for reading