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Brenda Groth
Post     Subject: fodder for livestock in/on a swale

what about jerusalem artichokes
Dave Hartman
Post     Subject: fodder for livestock in/on a swale

Hello Ben, I am building a 150' long swale just above a goat paddock and will be loading it with shrubs and trees, possibly some herbs and such ( all for the goats and mini hogs). We have a few of each. I plan on putting in a few black locust, a few native briary shrubs and such. My question is what would you recommend for a good mix of plants. I would like to grow their meds as well(red clover,comfrey,etc.). This swale will be just to the outside of their main paddock so that it can get established. I will be able to chop and drop into their paddock. I live in a cold climate with only around 12" of precipitation on south facing steep slope, soil is mostly decomposed granite. Thanks !I look forward to reading your book.