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Monica Truong
Post     Subject: The Rocket Powered Wood Oven

There is a great little excerpt from the wood-oven movie where Russell, the instructor, talks about how to go about making the intial opening of the barrels to create the barrel within a barrel design of the rocket oven.
S Rogers
Post     Subject: The Rocket Powered Wood Oven

Watch the excerpt here:

The 2017 appropriate technology course developed an outdoor rocket oven. The oven's roof may be adapted so that the oven can be used indoors. During construction, welding and raw steel oven racks that can endure 1000 degrees Fahrenheit were used. The video also covers seasoning racks and storing the oven in bad weather. We also learn about j-tube and wood feed design and how to permanently install the oven. For pizza and other high-temperature cooking, this video shows how to build and use a rocket oven outside.