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Tyler Ludens
Post     Subject: Center for Sustainable Community in Stelle, Illinois: a Midwest Permaculture Design

I like the hugelkultur swale design!

Ernest Rando
Post     Subject: Center for Sustainable Community in Stelle, Illinois: a Midwest Permaculture Design

This Permaculture Design Overview was created by Midwest Permaculture for Center for Sustainable Community (CSC) and their 8.7 acres of land that immediately adjoins our local community of Stelle, IL. This design overview was presented to the CSC Board of Directors and other CSC members in March of 2012 and was quickly approved for implementation. Much of the design elements are influenced from student projects in Midwest Permaculture design courses. They really deserve much of the credit.

Quick Overview of Key Elements in the Design. Additional Details in the 'Directory of Design Elements' below.

Here is an aerial view of the 8.7 acres in proximity to the Community of Stelle, IL

From even farther up, Stelle is an island or green in an ocean of industrial agriculture.

The purpose of this permaculture design is to create an agriculturally productive ecosystem that also builds topsoil each year, uses no herbicides or pesticides, and creates a safe habitat for a wide assortment of plants and animals. The other purpose is community resiliency. Many of us in the Stelle community have biologically diverse yards with many different gardening techniques. Individually many of us preserve food and a few of us even have hens. But now we are taking our individual skills and resiliency and applying permaculture at the community scale. We hope that the project here on the CSC land will provide a great deal of food for our community for generations to come. We welcome others (perhaps you?) to become a part of this experiment. We will also share our methods and results through workshops, PDC Courses and student work/study internships.

Directory of Design Elements
The hyperlinked items below lead to more detailed explanations of each individual element. The others will be posted and linked as we complete them over the coming weeks and months. You can follow our RSS feed or subscribe to our blog by email to receive automatic announcements when each new element is posted. You can even follow us on Facebook or Google Plus. You can also subscribe to the CSC blog by following this link to our blog.

Permaculture Design for CSC in Stelle, IL and the detailed Design Overview

CSC Vision for Property

Linear Food Forests

Hugelkultured Swales

Year Round Greenhouse

Conversion of an Orchard into a Food Forest

Wood Gasification Just got a small engine going this February!!

Chinampas Gardens

Earthcamp Village

Seasonal Hoophouse


Thermal Mass Rocket Stove

Chickens and Ducks We will have some exciting updates this year on our Community Chickens!

Composting Toilet and Bath House

Keyline Plowing