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Rebecca Norman
Post     Subject: Getting stuffed on stuff

Haha, we have that book in our library here in Ladakh! People in different countries, surrounded by stacks of all their stuff.
Brenda Groth
Post     Subject: Getting stuffed on stuff

several of the books I've read lately (see reading list thread) have been talking about re evaluating your STUFF ..of course we in America have way more stuff than we need and more than most countries..I understand there are actually a few countries that are even more stuff cenetered than american (which I wasn't aware of before reading a few books about it)..

I have enjoyed a few movies and shows about power being off, or emp, or other things lately that show how little importance the "stuff" will have if certain things happen in the future (peak oil, emp, invasion, etc.)...but I guess if you have the bucks and want it now more power to you..although it does support the evil empire to each his own.

Sometimes I even feel a bit guilty about being able to afford to buy the fruit and nut trees and perennial plants I put in when I read all this..but guilt is not my thing and I quickly move on.
Michael Forest
Post     Subject: Getting stuffed on stuff - Material World: A Global Family Portrait: by Sandra Eisert

Material World: A Global Family Portrait:

In an unprecedented effort, sixteen of the world’s foremost photographers traveled to thirty nations around the globe to live for a week with families that were statistically average for that nation. At the end of each visit, photographer and family collaborated on a remarkable portrait of the family members outside their home, surrounded by all of their possessions—a few jars and jugs for some, an explosion of electronic gadgetry for others. Vividly portraying the look and feel of the human condition everywhere on Earth, this internationally acclaimed bestseller puts a human face on the issues of population, environment, social justice, and consumption as it illuminates the crucial question facing our species today: Can all six billion of us have all the things we want?

this book was published in 1995

side note george carlin has a great monolog on"stuff"