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Saana Jalimauchi
Post     Subject: Bonus for Boots: Tickets to the 2024 Summer Events at Wheaton Labs

Boots can get tickets to the 2024 PTJ and SKIP events at Wheaton Labs!

LAST CHANCE! Bonus for Boots program is ending in 2024.

8 weeks in the bootcamp in exchange for a ticket to one event - the last arrival date is  April 28th

15 weeks in the bootcamp in exchange for two events - the last arrival date is  March 17th

If you want to get your ticket to an event by working in the bootcamp, it is best to show up earlier than the last possible bootcamp start date.
Stuff happens, and it has benefited many people to add some "buffer time" to make sure they work the necessary number of days.

For example:

If someone wanted to get a ticket to the PTJ:

1) They must earn their ticket before the event sells out
2) They must earn their ticket prior to the beginning of the event.

You'd need to arrive by April 28th, 2024 to earn your PTJ ticket bonus, but tickets are first-come-first-served, so if they sell out you will be wait-listed.  If you want to make sure you get your ticket, you might think about coming out way earlier than April 28th and locking in your spot.

How much?

To get in on the bootcamp, you have to fork over $100 - unless you have already been here for anything in the past. The bootcamp does not currrently have a waiting list, but you still need to submit your payment and fill out a questionnaire thing to get in.  

More info: