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Christine Cox
Post     Subject: 47 SWM in Northern Wisconsin

Hi Niles,

I'm 53 and do not have children, but two dogs.  I've been researching and planning for a homestead.  I'm finally ready!  I have some skills (gardening, greenhouse, chickens, goats and even some herbal medicine background.  Safety and security were part of my career.

If you're still interested and would like to chat, please feel free to reach out.  Best of luck to your in your adventure!!

Jen Walker
Post     Subject: 47 SWM in Northern Wisconsin

Hi Niles!

Have you found someone?  I'm curious if this way of meeting people has been successful.  I am nearing 50 and, like you, have found that it's hard coming up with plans and inspiration without the idea of having someone to do it with!

Gwendolyn Gould
Post     Subject: 47 SWM in Northern Wisconsin

Hello Niles, I did a travel contract in Wisconsin and loved it. I'm a nurse by trade.  I love, love, love the snow. I currently live in Kansas but am wanting to sell my home and start homesteading. I too like to get up when the sun rises and go to bed early. I enjoy working with my hands and being outdoors. I'm ready to get off this rat race and live a more sustainable lifestyle. I've been dreaming of tiny houses for over 10 years now. lol.

My name is Gwendolyn, btw. I just turned 48 a month ago. But told I look more like 40. Water is my go-to drink.

5'1 and 160, I'm working on shedding a few lbs though.

I'm definitely an introvert and love the peace and quiet of nature.

I really like your name, btw.
Niles Resnic
Post     Subject: 47 SWM in Northern Wisconsin

Hi Kathy,

PM sent
Kathy Leonhard
Post     Subject: 47 SWM in Northern Wisconsin

I am living in the UP. I like what you are into. I do all those things. I am a teacher and use my summers for playing outdoors. I have plenty of homesteading skills and am pretty fit. I am 55 though...probably too old for you? I like your smile and that frozen lake behind you.
I'm Kathy. Nice to meet you.
Niles Resnic
Post     Subject: 47 SWM in Northern Wisconsin

Hi, I've got 10 acres in a small town in northeast Wisconsin with many diverse ecosystems on a river with a waterfall.
My house is nearby and would like to build a tiny house and greenhouse on the 10 acres.
Working toward being off-grid with solar.
I've started some h├╝gelkultur beds and have been composting materials for building organic soil.
There's a small nursery where I'm planting fruit and nut trees/shrubs to begin my food forest.
I'm struggling with further inspiration and want someone to dream and design with.

I'm surrounded by an amazing national forest where I love to explore, hike, jog, forage, do yoga, snowshoe, kayak, paddleboard, explore, ride mountain bike, adventure motorcycle etc.

I love travelling: day trips, road trips, international travel. I like to explore nature and learn other cultures.

I am an entrepreneur who has worked in many fields.
I have a few small businesses and would be looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to build the businesses with also.

I'm relatively new to organic farming/gardening.
I have decent building skills with wood and metal.
I am generally a morning person and crash early.
I know a couple people doing this in the area but there's not really any community.
Fairly introverted, INFP

6'2" 175lbs

Hit me up with a PM: pics, questions, conversation....