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Jan Garrett
Post     Subject: Organic Farm For Rent Macon County, AL

I have a 120 acre certified organic farm in Macon County, AL. It is about 3/4 pasture and 1/4 woods and a beaver swamp on the backside of the property. It has one pond about 2-3 acres, and another livestock pond about .5 acre. The whole farm is fenced, except for the beaver swamp (about 10 acres). It is quiet and private, has 2 hoop houses, an acre of fenced garden, drip irrigation, an orchard, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, some double dug raised beds, and a couple of out buildings. There is an old house, built in the 1930's, no ac, compost toilet, well water, large windows with ceiling fans. I would like to rent it to some people who want to farm it and keep its organic status. It is a very good place for small fruits, vegetables, grass-fed beef, and pastured poultry. It is located about 20 miles south of Auburn, a university town with produce markets, and about 35 miles from Montgomery, another potential market. I would rent it for $800/month (the mortgage plus land taxes, and home owners' insurance). ($800/month).