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Mark Whitlock
Post     Subject: Earthbag Dome Project in Thailand

Rak Tamachat in Thailand is building a four dome cluster around a central pool designed as a natural pool. This is an ambitious project where you will see the complete build cycle from start to finish. To assist with that they are hiring a Thai work crew to help with the labor so that those who've come to learn can focus on learning the techniques involved and not just spend their time filling and tamping (although, there will be plenty of that). Everyone should get to experience setting of foundations, windows, doors, plumbing and electrical, exterior and interior plasters.

This project will provide housing so that we can host local english camps and other events to improve life and culture here in Thailand.

the project dates are from Dec 2013 to Feb 2014, three months. we expect to complete one dome fully and possibly two depending on turnout.

Spend your holidays learning to build a house, while helping others.

Our design inspiration comes from the Hua Hin resort in Thailand.