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Uwe Wiedemann
Post     Subject: Need Identification; Clear Images

Hi, the first one could have been for instance Leccinium griseum (edible) or, less probable, Tylopius felleus (inedible, bitter). No. 3 and 4 look the same to me, probably it belongs to the Genus Suillus (here in Germany are all of them edible). I'd stay away from No. 2. It's not much on it anyway.

John Elliott
Post     Subject: Need Identification; Clear Images

The spongy stuff on the bottoms of 1, 3, &4 instead of gills identify them as boletes. Here is a key to bolete identification (or you can browse "bolete" in google images). The blue staining is a common indicator that it is not an edible bolete.

Number 2 could be some sort of Inocybe, but I'm not as familiar with those.
Benny thebug
Post     Subject: fungi Identification: Images

I live in NW Tennessee and the leaves are already falling here. I will detail where I found these mushrooms.

This one was found near some cow dung and rotting tree branches, seemed already out of the ground. Feels like memory foam and has a nice and fresh smell to it. Ironically. I tore a piece off and there is no staining. I'm spore printing as you read this.

This one was found directly in a cow patty. It has a greyish-tanish-brownish hood on the outside. Same for the inside.

This one I found almost by stepping on it. It almost blended into the leaves. It is sort of yellow on the bottom. Stains blue-ish green.

This one was 20 feet away from number 3 and I found it the same way, yet this one is more noticably yellow on the bottom and clearly stains green, but it's mixed with a blue under-tone.