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allen lumley
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Aaron Dilby : Sweep is a Very Good Word, The more gradually you make your 'sweeps' the less the flow is affected by your choice, two 45 degree elbows are equal
to or less than one 90 Degree elbow, a short piece of pipe between Elbows lessens the disturbance in the Force the flow.

There is a Continuous string of 'Flow Events' Called Laminar-Flow, that I would have called Laminar non-flow if they had asked me- But they didn't! Simply put,
the hottest, and most swiftly flowing gases are found in the center, slowing continuously as we approach the interior surface of our pipe where due to friction loss
all gas or liquid flow stops. The good news is, this increases dwell time allowing heat energy shift through to our Thermal Mass! After Wrapping your head around
that there is no Fluid or Thermo-goddamics to learn !

It is important to understand that a Constant Cross Sectional Area is required to assure adequate Hot Exhaust Gas Flows through our systems. and that each
system has its own C. C. S. A., once this fact is clearly understood, ( if you can explain it to a second party, you understand it ) It can be calculated with less than
5th grade math !

Reading the books listed, will give you a common language with your fellow members, allowing understanding when discussing common parts by name, orientation
to each other, size, and shapes! This will be critical when you come here to ask questions, or comment on something you have observed!

Enjoy your reading, and use a critical eye to observe any Rocket Mass Heater builds presented out there in U-Tube land, there is a LOT of Crap out there, and is a
poor source of quality information, My recommendation is Watch out for any Videos of RMH types made with steel, (DOOMED!) or with out any follow up Videos,
or where there are no comments, lots of negative comments or blocked comments! Best yet, is to only go where a fellow member sends you remembering that
they probably wanted you to examine a special part of the build, accepting that there are lots of Great builds, but probably No perfect Builds ! For the Good of the
Craft! Think Fire ! Flow like a gas! Don't be the Marshmallow ! As always your comments and Questions are solicited and Welcome PYRO - Logically BIG AL

Aaron Dilby
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Thanks Bryan I see I have a lot to learn here.
Allen: I will definitely be picking up one of those
Books. I never thought I needed to learn fluid
Dynamics but I'm looking into 90 and 180
degree sweeps.
allen lumley
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Aaron Dilby : Actually there are Two good books out there, giving you resources you can refer back too !

The First on I picked because I know you can get it as a download, $18.oo which allows you to print as many copies as you need, one to use,
one to lose, and one to get totally covered in mud and clay ! (all one Price )!

Goto=>, and download a PDF Copy to have the brand new 3rd addition of Ianto Evans' Great Book '' Rocket Mass Heaters''
to have a copy in your hand today !

Available from Ernie and Erica Wisner at their site is the extremely reasonably priced $3 Rocket Mass Heater Manual,
which answers scores of questions, and is set up to allow you to record the details of your build 'like a baby book', I need to check, as I do not see
a 'download here button' !

Also available from Ernie nd Erica is a stand alone DVD of a spectacular high end Rocket Mass Heater build from Village Video

Go to Village Video via, or through 'shopping pages' and from there click on the You-Tube icon, at the next
page you will find rank and file of short videos, the top rank is labeled Rocket Mass Heater scenes, click on the play button just to the right !

This will load in order a set of 19 short videos making up 3/8ths of the DVD which is for sale, I recommend highly you avail yourself of the opportunity to
watch this for free and determine if this video will help you grow your skill sets, allowing you to safely take on a Rocket Mass Heater Build ! Any problems
loading just start over from !

For the Craft! Think like Fire! Flow like a Gas! Don't be a Marshmallow, As always,comments/questions are Solicited and Welcome! PYRO - Logically BIG AL
bryan davis
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Hi there Aaron, here is one of the posts on this forum that helped me out a lot. It is Erica Wisner replying to a post. She gives a great easy to understand explanation of measurements for a J tube.

Erica Wisner is by far the best communicator out there in explaining RMH and in answering question. Others on here have plenty of knowledge and are willing to help. You can only learn so much from the videos posted on line. You obviously have some knowledge of RMH or you would not be here. Some members might tend to forget that fact in their response to you , but hang in there and remember that everyone here is generally here to help.

Go to Erica's profile and then click on her posts. See how she has answered various questions.

Good Luck! -Bryan
Aaron Dilby
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Just registered and plan to start my rocket build. Thanks in advance for any help I get here. First one:
Could someone point me to some of the technical requirements such as length and diameter of the battery piping, and the amount of rise above stove the exit flue needs?

Thanks, Aaron