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Suzy Bean
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A friend of mine has a big, beautiful, healthy dog she feeds once a day. She will give him a bowl of quinoa/brown rice and meat scraps, such as of javelinas they kill on the farm (they are in AZ). She lets him work on the raw bones and he loves it. Sometimes she will throw in some cooked carrots/greens.
Rebecca Dane
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Cats love catnip, you can grow your own catnip and dry it, then stuff it into a toy for your kitty.  They go wild over catnip! 

I have make catnip tea for myself and it gets me in the mood to clean my house!  ?!?
Rebecca Dane
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There is an eco kitty litter out now called Feline Pine.  It is like little pellets and as the cat uses it, it turns into a sawdusty matter.  Scoopable, non-smelling and kitty likes it!

Also, it is available at the Super 1 foods. And probably other places as well.
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You know its not just cats, my daughter loves nothing more than a big box with crinkly parer in it.
Greg M Peters
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Thanks.  Great ideas.  I spent yesterday building a fort for my cats.  Went to Home Resources and got my supplies for 4 bucks.  Sweet.  You're right though, they sure seem to like packaging and boxes more then actual toys!!  Like most of the one year olds I've seen.

Caitlin Elder
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I find that even when I do go out and get my cat a new toy she seems to enjoy the packaging that it came in more than the toy itself.  So now I make my own cat toys.  I find that the cardboard tubes that come from toilet paper can be filled with beans, or something of that sort, tape the ends and wrap it in ribbon.  I have also taken a mesh bag that I got some bath stuff in for Christmas.  I put some crinkled paper in it and my cat loves to bat it around the floor.  My cat also really likes boxes, so I made her a little box fort that she can play in.  I took a long ribbon that I also got on a Christmas present and hung it from a door handle so my cat can bat at it when she wants to. 

On the note of Dog treats here is a recipe that my dog loves
3 cups wheat flour
2 Tbsp.olive oil
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 large egg
Water enough to moisten

Mix ingredients together well. Form into a ball, roll out to 1/4 inch thickness with a rolling pin. Cut into desired shapes (I used a cat shaped cookie cutter), place on cookie sheets and bake in 325 oven for 30 minutes, or until browned. Turn off oven, leaving biscuits in the oven until cooled. These biscuits may be frozen, but keep well for a couple of weeks if they are very dry and crisp

****Make sure that you cook them thoroughly because the first time I made them I didn't and they ended up molding in like a week*****

Also a Tbsp. of plain yogurt when you feed your dog dinner will help promote good digestive health.

Also steer clear of garlic or onion in recipes, this will mess with your dogs sense of smell!!
Greg M Peters
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We've talked a bit on this forum about how to keep cats and dogs out of gardens, but what about their health and ours? 

Does anyone have any good tips on sourcing local, organic, or at least more natural, pet food. 
Any good pet food recipes?

How about pet toys.  My cats like to play, but I'm reluctant to get the plastic, made in China, stuff at Pet's Mart.  I suppose Go Fetch is the place to go, but how about home made stuff.