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Kelly Smith
Post     Subject: More info on the family Geoff Lawton refers to where the husband was a miltary diver

question for Geoff:

a few times i have heard you mention a family (ex military divers) that was providing their own food with ~12 hours of work per week, while raising 3 kids.
can you give anymore info on this system? what region? what systems were used? i remember you mentioning a diary cow, and that the system was setup similar to a hunter/gatherer system, but i would love more details.

i think a video showing that it is possible to provide a family of 5 with a large majority of your own food without working 60+ hours on a farm would go a long way to getting permaculture into more peoples minds.

i think this would stress something i also heard you say in the past, which is: most people do not know they can solve all their supply line needs in a garden, and not knowing this makes a lot of people insecure.

thanks in advance,