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Milo Jones
Post     Subject: Mushroom vs. Leaf

My gut tells me the leaf compost will be higher in nutrients. However, any edible mushroom mycelium that remains and might take hold on your land can't be a bad thing.
John Elliott
Post     Subject: Mushroom vs. Leaf

Which is cheapest? With all the different materials you are using to construct the bed, I don't think you are going to have a lack of any specific nutrient, so the question then just reduces to which is more economical?
Kevin Mace
Post     Subject: Mushroom vs. Leaf

I am planting new garden beds, fruit trees, and even a mini-hugel on my suburban lot. I have to bring in compost this year (hopefully I will make enough of my own in the future). I need about 4 cu. yds. and must get it from a local landscaping nursery. They sell mushroom compost and leaf compost.
I am no-tilling and planning it just put three inches of compost over top the cardboard, soil, straw layers I already have.
Should I get the mushroom or the leaf?
And if I get the mushroom, should I mix it with soil (50/50) first?