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Rebecca Norman
Post     Subject: How do you collect compost?

Just throw the toilet roll cores in, don't bother to shred them. They will decompose without trouble if they are buried in the other rotting stuff.
Angelika Maier
Post     Subject: How do you collect compost?

just one bowl, that forces us to bring it out every day and does not stink.
james Apodaca
Post     Subject: How do you collect compost?

I keep mine in a gallon pickle jar by the stove until its either full or fruit flies start poking around..

At which point i take it to the outside piles and bury it in them.

I used to worm compost inside, but my wife didn't appreciate that all too much.

i use all coffee grounds, green clippings, citrus peels, potato/carrot skins.. Basically any kitchen food preparation scraps. We scrape our plates into the trash...

I don't ever add cardboard (the bulk of my piles are oak leaves) mainly because of the inks used in consumer packaging.. I've got enough stuff in my piles as it is. Toiletry rolls i use for other purposes.

Gavin Wilson
Post     Subject: How do you collect compost?

What system/method do you use to collect compost in your kitchen before bringing it into your outdoor compost pile?
I'm also curious where you get most of your scraps?

We get most scraps from when we do our chopping/cutting for big meals... but not really from scraping plates after we finish eating. We have a plastic bucket that we're using to collect it.

I'm thinking about collecting the cardboard from finished toilet paper rolls and ripping them up and putting them in the plastic bucket. Adding that carbon I think would help stop smells.. but haven't actually tried this yet. But if it works you wouldn't have to buy wood chips theoretically.